Ludwig Friedrich Leopold von Gerlach
(17.09.1790 - 10.01.1861)
place of birth:  Berlin

Königreich Preußen:  Generaladjutant SM,  General der Infanterie


General von Gerlach was a Prussian
military officer and conservative politician who's father Carl was the mayor of Berlin 1809-1813. Von Gerlach became a soldier at a very early age and took part in the 1806 Battle of Jena-Auerstedt opposing Napoleon's forces. He was transferred to General von Blücher's general staff to fight Napoleon once again during the War of the Sixth Coalition of 1812-1814.

Von Gerlach was appointed in 1826 to function as personal adjutant to Prince Wilhelm von Preußen (the future Kaiser Wilhelm I). In 1838, he was promoted to Oberst and became chief of staff of Adolf von Thiele's Third Army Corps in Berlin. By 1849, von Gerlach was a Generalleutnant and adjutant general to King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.  Von Gerlach later retired from active duty as a General der Infanterie. At Friedrich Wilhelm's funeral, von Gerlach caught a severe cold which resulted in his passing away the very next week.


General der Infanterie  24.05.1859