Friedrich August Peter von Colomb
(19.06.1775 - 12.11.1854)
place of birth:  Aurich, Ostfriesland

Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Cavallerie


Peter von Colomb was a Prussian cavalry general
who began his military career in 1792 by joining the Zieten Hussars Regiment Nr 3 in Berlin. He participated in the 1806 conflict in Thuringia and defense of Lübeck along with his brother-in-law Gebhard von Blücher. Colomb was married to Wilhelmine von Stosch from 1808 to 1824, with whom he had one daughter and four sons (Enno and Otto later served as Prussian generals). He later was wed to Maria Henriette von Stosch, and their son Karl served as a Prussian general as well. 

In 1829, von Colomb was promoted to Generalmajor and received command of the 12th Cavalry Brigade in Neiße. As a Generalleutnant, he was appointed in 1841 as Commandant of Berlin and Chief of the Landesgendarmerie, and in 1841 he was transferred to Posen to succeed Karl von Grolman as commander of Fifth Army Corps. He retired from active duty in 1849 at the rank of General der Kavallerie, living in Königsberg until his death in 1854.


General der Cavallerie  07.07.1849