Karl Leopold Heinrich Ludwig von Borstell
(30.12.1773 - 09.05.1844)
place of birth:  Tangermünde

Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Cavallerie


General of Cavalry Ludwig von Borstell was the third
of four sons born into the home of General Hans Friedrich von Borstell and his wife Charlotte von Ingersleben. He joined a cavalry regiment in 1788 and later became an adjutant to his own father. He participated in the campaign in the Pfalz (Palatinate) and as a major in the Garde du Corps in 1806, took part in the retreat from Jena

In 1813, Generalmajor von Borstell was a commander subordinate to Bülow during the Napoleonic Wars and saw action during the Battle of Möckern. He was promoted to Generalleutnant following his participation at the Battle of Nations at Leipzig, then soon after transferred to Belgium to head up the Siege of Antwerp. As commander of the Second Army Corps in 1815, von Borstell came into direct conflict with Field Marshal von Blücher. The Field Marshal had ordered the execution of seven ringleaders complicit in the rebellion of three Saxon battalions headquartered in Liege. He had also ordered the burning of the Saxon flag. For refusing to follow his orders, von Blücher had von Borstell court-martialed for insubordination, where he was stripped of his command and imprisoned. About a month into his sentence, however, von Borstell was pardoned by King Friedrich Wilhelm III in order to appoint him at Commandant of Magdeburg. In 1825, General der Kavallerie von Borstell was transferred to Koblenz in order to command the Eighth Army Corps headquartered there. He retired from active duty in 1840 and died in Berlin in May of 1843.


General der Cavallerie  18.06.1825

Pour le Mérite  221.08.1813  (Eichenlaub: 02.10.1815)