Gustav von Alvensleben
(30.09.1803 - 30.06.1881)
place of birth:  Eichenbarleben
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  Generaladjutant SM,  General der Infanterie


General Gustav von Alvensleben
served the Prussian Military as a General of Infantry and corps commander. He and his brothers Werner and Constantin all pursued military careers, with Gustav attaining the rank of lieutenant in 1821 while serving in the Kaiser Alexander Grenadier Regiment. He spent a great deal of his early career as a staff officer, working for the Military Government of the Rhine Province and Westphalia. Von Alvensleben later functioned as adjutant general for Kaiser Wilhelm I beginnnig in 1861.

During the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, von Alvensleben initially served in the Kaiser's Headquarters, but was later transferred to command Fourth Army Corps. He remained in command of this corps throughout the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, leading troops into battle at Beaumont, where he was awarded the Pour le Merite. His corps was also engaged at Sedan and Paris. General von Alvensleben left active duty in 1872 and spent his retirement with his brothers in Potsdam and Ballenstedt. He died in Gernrode, Harz in June of 1881.


General der Infanterie  22.03.1868

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871

Pour le Mérite  16.06.1871