Philipp Herzog von Württemberg K.H.
(30.07.1838 - 11.10.1917)
place of birth:  Neuilly-sur-Seine, Frankreich  (France)
Königreich Württemberg:  Herzog,  Generaloberst


Philipp Herzog von Württemberg was the son of Herzog Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm and Marie Christine von Orleans. His mother having died when he was but six months old, the young Philipp was brought up in the Parisian Court by his grandparents King Louis Philipp of France and Marie Amelie. Philipp was returned to live with his father in Bayreuth as revolution broke out in Paris in 1848.

Generaloberst  25.02.1913

Dienststellung  2.Chef.d.Ulan.R.19, Inh.d.Öster.77.Inf.R.