Wilhelm August Fürst von Hohenzollern K.H.
(07.03.1864 - 22.10.1927)
place of birth:  Schloss Benrath bei Dusseldorf
Reign:  08.06.1905 - 13.11.1918

Hohenzollern:  Fürst,  General der Infanterie


Wilhelm August Fürst von Hohenzollern was the eldest son of Prince Leopold von Hohenzollern and Infanta Antonia of Portugal. He functioned as the Head of the Royal House of Hohenzollern from 1905 to 1918. Wilhelm was the heir presumptive to the Romanian throne but renounced his right to succeed to the throne in 1886.   


General der Infanterie  13.09.1912

Dienststellung  Chef d.Füs.R.40, àls 2.GardeR.z.F., Chef d.Rumän.Inf.R.22.


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