Friedrich Karl Ludwig Prinz von Hessen H.
(01.05.1868 - 28.05.1940)
place of birth:  Gut Panker, Holstein

Landgrafschaft Hessen-Kassel:  Prinz,  General der Infanterie


Friedrich Karl Prinz von Hessen was the son of the titular Landgrave Friedrich Wilhelm von Hessen-Kassel-Rumpenheim and Anna von Preussen. He was also the brother-in-law of Kaiser Wilhelm II. through marriage to Princess Margarethe. Friedrich Karl was the nominal King of Finnland for a couple months near the end of the year 1918. He served of the Head of the House of Hessen-Kassel from 1925 until his death from lingering wartime wounds.


General der Infanterie  24.12.1914

Dienststellung  Chef d.Inf.R.81., u. Óls d.GardeDrag.R..


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