Friedrich Franz IV Groherzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin K.H.
(09.04.1882 - 17.11.1945)
place of birth:  Palermo, Sicily 
reign:  10.04.1897 - 14.11.1918

Gro▀herzogtum Mecklenburg-Schwerin:  Gro▀herzog,  General der Kavallerie


The last reigning ruler of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg- Schwerin, Friedrich Franz IV was born in Palermo to Friedrich Franz III and Anastasia Michailovna. Although he succeeded his father as Grand Duke in April of 1897 at the age of 15, he did not govern the Grand Duchy until reaching his 18th birthday in 1901.

During the Great War, Grand Duke Friedrich carried the rank of general, although he did not command any troops. Toward the end of the war, Adolf Friedrich VI Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz committed suicide in February 1918, and Friedrich Franz IV subsequently became the Regent of Strelitz as well. He abdicated in November 1918 and died in Flensburg in November 1945.


Gro▀herzog  10.04.1897  -  14.11.1918

General der Kavallerie  13.09.1911

Dienststellung  Chef d.Inf.R.24, d.1.u.3.B.Gren.R.89, d.DragR.17 u.d.Feldart.
R.60, Óls d.GardeK
Řr.R., Inh.d.Bayr.21.Inf.R. u. Óls d.1.SeeBn., 1.Inh.d.Íster.6.Mńhr.Drag.R., Chef.d.Russ.8.Gren.R.Moskau


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