Maximilian Freiherr von Speidel
(13.09.1856 - 24.02.1943)
place of birth: 
 München, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Div-Kdr,  General der Kavallerie

Royal Bavarian cavalry general Maximilian von Speidel was called out of retirement at the start of the Great War. He was responsible for standing up the 6th Royal Bavarian Reserve Division, which was initially engaged in Flanders at Ypres.  Additionally, the 25-year old Austrian Adolf Hitler served in a reserve regiment which was subordinate to this division. Later on during the War, von Speidel was transferred to the Royal Bavarian War Ministry in Munich, where he worked as state council (Staatsrat) for Military Affairs from 1916 through 1919. He was married to Anna Maria, Countess of Arco auf Valley. Prior to the Great War, in 1888, Freiherr von Speidel accompanied Her Royal Highness Therese Princess of Bavaria during her scientific expedition to Brazil.

General der Kavallerie  15.12.1914

Curriculum Vitae
27.11.1876 Sekonde-Lieutenant
04.12.1886 Premier-Lieutenant
19.06.1891 Rittmeister
17.03.1897 Major
27.01.1901 Königlich Bayerisches 1. schweres Reiter-Regiment ,,Prinz Karl von Bayern - München  (Cdr)
04.03.1901 Oberstleutnant
03.04.1903 Oberst
25.02.1905 Bayerisches Kriegsministerium - München  (Chief of Personnel Section)
28.10.1905 Generalmajor
16.10.1908 5. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade - Nürnberg  (Cdr)
04.12.1909 Generalleutnant
04.12.1909 2. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division - Augsburg  (Cdr, replaced Felix Graf von Bothmer)
15.12.1911 General der Kavallerie  (Charakter)
15.12.1911 zur Disposition gestellt
Great War
02.08.1914 zur Disposition
30.10.1914 6. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Division  =  6. Armee
16.11.1914 unknown
15.12.1914 General der Kavallerie
26.11.1916 Bayerisches Kriegsministerium - München  (State Council for Military Affairs in Bavarian War Ministry)




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