Karl Philipp Ludwig Ritter von Schoch
(05.08.1863 - 10.10.1940)
place of birth: 
 Nürnberg, Mittelfranken  (Nuremberg, Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Div-Kdr,  Generalleutnant

General Karl von Schoch was a Royal Bavarian officer charge of the 4th Bavarian Infantry Brigade as Imperial German forces mobilized for World War One. He was born into the Franconian home of Oberst Karl Schoch and his spouse Maria née Heymann. There were additionally three other sons in the Schoch family, all of whom served as Royal Bavarian generals: Albert, Emil, and Gustav. 

Generalmajor Schoch led his 4th Brigade soldiers into battle as hostilities broke out on 2 August 1914, fighting in support of Crown Prince Rupprecht's Sixth Field Army. For his leadership during the early stages of the War,
Schoch was awarded Bavaria's highest military order, the Militär-Max-Joseph. In 1915, the recently ennobled Ritter von Schoch successfully commanded 21st Brigade on the Eastern Front during the breakthrough at Gorlice, as well as the retaking of Fortress Przemysl. Back in the West in 1916, he led the 21st as they stormed the Avocourt Forrest near Verdun, although he soon became gravely ill.  1917 saw him take charge of General von Mudra's Line-of-Communications for Armeeabteilung "A". He was named commander of the Royal Bavarian Ersatz Division in October of that year, but was soon transferred to head up Bavaria's 3rd Infantry Division, a unit he was to command for the remainder of the War.

Ritter von Schoch left the Army in 1919 and spent his post-War years as a member of the Deutsche Volkspartei (DVP). From 1920 to 1924, he represented the DVP at the Reichstag during the Weimar Republic years. Schoch was married to Mathilde Bohn in 1897, and the couple had one son. He later married Elisabeth Keller soon after the Great War came to a close.

Generalleutnant  17.07.1917

Militär-Max-Joseph  26.08.1914  Ritter

Curriculum Vitae
01.10.1882 Königlich Bayerisches 1. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König - München
22.11.1882 Königlich Bayerisches 2. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kronprinz - München
22.11.1882 Portepée-Fähnrich 
24.03.1885 Sekonde-Lieutenant
22.09.1893 Premier-Lieutenant
01.10.1894 Bayerische Kriegsakademie - München
00.00.1897 Königlich Bayerisches 2. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kronprinz - München  (Bn Adjutant)
00.00.1898 Bayerischer Generalstab -  München 
27.09.1899 Hauptmann
19.12.1903 Bayerisches Kriegsministerium -  München  (Section Chief)
20.08.1905 Major
15.08.1906 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (as Bavarian delegate)
01.10.1908 Königlich Bayerisches 21. Inf-Regt ,,Großherzog Friedrich Franz IV v Mecklenberg-Schwerin - Fürth  (Bn Cdr)
16.10.1908 Oberstleutnant
19.12.1909 Bayerische Kriegsakademie, Artillerie & Ingenieur-Schule - München  (Director, replaced Ritter von Kneußl)
23.10.1910 Königlich Bayerisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Prinz Leopold - Bayreuth  (Cdr)
23.10.1910 Oberst
15.10.1911 4. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade - Neu Ulm  (Cdr)
07.01.1914 Generalmajor
Great War
02.08.1914 4. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade
26.08.1914 in den persönlichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the Bavarian nobility, MMJO)
01.02.1915 Verleihung des persönlichen Adels  (official title of Ritter)
02.04.1915 21. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade  (renamed from 4.IB)
02.01.1917 Armeeabteilung "A" - Etappeninspektion  (Bruno von Mudra's Line of Communications Inspector)
17.01.1917 Generalleutnant
09.10.1917 Königlich Bayerische Ersatz-Division  (replaced Ipfelkofer)
10.01.1918 3. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division  (replaced Ritter von Huller)
29.01.1919 zur Disposition gestellt




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