Georg Pohlmann
(07.10.1861 - 00.00.1946)
place of birth: 
 Graudenz Westpreußen  (Grydziadz, PL)
Königreich Preußen:  Div-Kdr,  Generalmajor

Imperial German commander Georg Pohlmann was born in Prussia as the son of the Mayor of Graudenz. After entering military service in 1882 and attaining the rank of Hauptmann by 1896, Pohlmann was engaged for much of his pre-War career at Imperial Prussia's Main Military Academy in Berlin. 

Oberstleutnant Pohlmann went into battle on 2 August 1914 as commander of Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr.14, was soon promoted to Oberst, but in November 1914 was wounded and thus relieved of his command. He returned to action in January 1915 as commander of Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr.82, which took part in the Champagne Spring Offensive. His troops moved to Verdun in early 1916, and commander Pohlmann was again received wounds from grenade military administrative authority, Kreischef, for the city of Mechelen, Belgium. Oberst Pohlmann was transferred east in 1917 to head up 244th Infantry Brigade, subordinate to Army Group Woyrsch. His brigade moved to the Western Front in February 1918 to initially fight in the Argonne region, and then along the River Aisne. Following a promotion to Generalmajor in March, Pohlmann took command of 14th Division which was engaged in trench warfare near Soissons. His division's defensive actions versus the Franco-American offensive in Champagne resulted in General Pohlmann being awarded the Pour le Merite order in October 1918. After the War ended, Pohlmann led his division back to the homeland for demobilization. He retired as a Generalmajor, but was later awarded the brevet rank of Generalleutnant (Charakter) on 27 August 1939 as part of Tannenberg Remembrance Day.

Generalmajor  22.03.1918

Pour le Mérite  04.10.1918

Curriculum Vitae
00.00.1882 Infanterie-Regiment ,,von Boyen (5. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 41 - Tilsit  (Dreijährig-Freiwilliger)
11.03.1882 Sekonde-Lieutenant
00.00.0000 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
18.11.1890 Premier-Lieutenant
00.00.0000 Großer Generalsstab - Berlin
15.02.1896 Hauptmann
15.02.1896 Infanterie-Regiment ,,von Boyen (5. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 41 - Tilsit  (Coy Cdr)
00.00.1901 Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt  Berlin-Lichterfelde  (instructor)
27.01.1906 Major
00.00.1908 8. Badisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 169 - Lahr  (Bn Cdr)
00.00.1912 Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt  Berlin-Lichterfelde  (Bn Cdr)
01.10.1912 Oberstleutnant
00.02.1914 Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt  Berlin-Lichterfelde  (staff officer)
Great War  
02.08.1914 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 10  (Cdr)
05.09.1914 Oberst
20.11.1914 Offizier von der Armee  (wounded in action)
20.01.1915 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 82  (Cdr)
10.03.1916 Offizier von der Armee  (wounded in action)
14.07.1916 Kreischef - Mecheln, Belgien
02.01.1917 244. Infanterie-Brigade  (Cdr)
22.03.1918 Generalmajor
09.07.1918 14. Infanterie-Division  (Cdr)
22.01.1919 Abschnitts-Kommandeur III der Sicherheitstruppen
07.06.1919 Offizier von der Armee
12.08.1919 zur Disposition gestellt 
27.08.1939 Generalleutnant  (Charakter - Tannenbergtag)




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