Christoph Ritter von Kiefhaber
(19.10.1855 - 19.01.1955)
place of birth: 
 Waischenfeld, Oberfranken  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Div-Kdr,  Generalleutnant

Division-level commanding general in the Royal Bavarian Army during the Great War, Ritter von Kiefhaber lived to 99 years of age. Prior to the War's outbreak, Generalmajor Kiefhaber served as commander of Bavaria's 3rd Infantry Brigade headquartered in Augsburg and went into retirement in 1912 at the age of 56. He returned to active duty status following German mobilization in August 1914 and soon thereafter received command of Bavaria's newly-formed 12th Reserve Brigade. His troops were deployed to the Western Front in October and soon successfully area around Wytschaete. During the spring of 1915, the brigade was engaged in heavy combat at Nieuve Chappelle, La Bassee, and Arras

In March of 1916, newly promoted Generalleutnant Kiefhaber was transferred to Verdun as commander of Bavarian Ersatz Division. The division then fought along the River Somme in late 1916. In April 1917, he replaced Ritter von Burkhardt as commander of 10th Infantry Division, deployed to Flanders in support of Fourth Army. For his outstanding leadership in defending his sector against the British, Generalleutnant Kiefhaber was awarded the Pour le Merite and Bavaria's Militär-Max honors. In 1918, his division initially became part of Graf von Bothmer's Nineteenth Army, but then was transferred in June to fight once again in support of Fourth Army during battles at Soissons and Reims. Generalleutnant von Kiefhaber was retired from active duty in July, and the 10th Infantry Division was also demobilized soon thereafter. Although he retired at the end of the war at the rank of Generalleutnant, he was later awarded the brevet rank of General der Infanterie (Charakter) on 27 August 1939 for Tannenberg Remembrance Day.

Generalleutnant  17.03.1916

Pour le Mérite  24.11.1917

Militär-Max-Joseph  22.10.1917  Ritter

Curriculum Vitae
02.10.1875 Infanterie-Regiment
23.11.1877 Sekonde-Lieutenant
00.00.1885 Königlich Bayerisches 5. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Großherzog Ernst Ludwig von Hessen - Bamberg  (Coy Cdr)
23.11.1887 Premier-Lieutenant
02.07.1893 Hauptmann
26.03.1901 Major
28.10.1904 Oberstleutnant
00.00.1905 Königlich Bayerisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Prinz Leopold - Bayreuth  (on staff)
27.10.1906 Oberst
11.03.1907 Königlich Bayerisches 10. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König - Ingolstadt  (Cdr)
01.04.1909 3. Königlich Bayerische Brigade - Augsburg  (Cdr)
05.08.1909 Generalmajor
00.00.1912 zur Disposition gestellt
Great War
02.08.1914 zur Disposition 
10.09.1914 12. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Brigade  =  6. Armee
16.12.1914 Generalleutnant  (Charakter)
11.03.1916 Königlich Bayerische Ersatz-Division  (replaced Eduard Ritter von Graf)
17.03.1916 Generalleutnant  
12.03.1917 10. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division  (replaced Hermann Ritter von Burkhardt)
22.10.1917 in den persönlichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the Bavarian nobility, MMJO)
06.07.1918 außer Dienst 
27.08.1939 General der Infanterie  (Charakter - Tannenbergtag)




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