Hugo Ritter von Huller
(26.11.1859 - 12.07.1931)
place of birth: 
 München, Bayern  (Munich, Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Gen-Gouv, Div-Kdr, Generalleutnant

Royal Bavarian lieutenant general who served during the Great War as commander of the 12th Bavarian Infantry Division at its establishment. He later commanded the 3rd Bavarian Infantry Division, and it was for his exemplary leadership during successful engagements on the Romanian Front that he was awarded the Militar-Mäx-Joseph medal. This award carried the additional honor of the title of nobility: Ritter von. General Ritter von Huller spent the final year of the Great War serving as Imperial German Governor of occupied Namur, Belgium. 

General von Huller was married to Anna Werle, with whom he had three children. He was the son of Josephine née Steigerwald and Anton Huller, the director of an administrative court. Ritter von Huller died in 1931 at Füssen.

Generalleutnant  11.08.1916

Militär-Max-Joseph  11.11.1916  Ritter

Curriculum Vitae
01.10.1878 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München
21.03.1879 Portepée-Fähnrich
13.11.1880 Sekonde-Lieutenant
10.05.1891 Premier-Lieutenant
15.11.1895 Hauptmann
28.10.1903 Major
00.00.1907 Königlich Bayerisches 9. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Wrede - Würzburg  (on regimental staff)
08.03.1907 Oberstleutnant
26.04.1909 Königlich Bayerisches 2. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kronprinz - München  (Cdr)
26.04.1909 Oberst
02.09.1912 Festung Ulm  (Commandant Fortress Ulm)
01.10.1912 Generalmajor
Great War
02.08.1914 1. Königlich Bayerische Gemischte-Landwehr-Brigade
08.10.1914 9. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade
06.03.1915 11. Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade
27.07.1916 12. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division
11.08.1916 Generalleutnant
11.11.1916 in den persönlichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the Bavarian nobility, MMJO)
06.06.1917 3. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division  (Cdr, replaced Karl Ritter von Wenninger)
06.01.1918 General-Gouverneur - Namur, Belgien
17.01.1919 zur Disposition gestellt




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