Rudolf Dänner
(13.10.1862 - 21.08.1936)
place of birth:  Lindau am Bodensee, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Div-Kdr,  Generalmajor

Bavarian lieutenant general Rudolf Dänner commanded the Bavarian 1st Infantry Division during the last half of the Great War. Prior to the outbreak of War, Oberst Dänner was in command of Bavaria's 23rd Infantry Regiment, and it was with this unit that he went into battle on Mobilization Day, 2 August 1914. He was severely wounded, however, one month into the fighting as his troops came under attack near Fraimbois, France. After a month of convalescence, he returned to the front and as a newly promoted Generalmajor was chosen in March 1915 to command Bavaria's 1st Infantry Brigade. In October, his troops fought a great defensive struggle versus British forces along Vimy Heights. They were transferred to Verdun and in May 1916 found themselves once again in the thick of battle. 

In January 1917, D
änner replaced General von Schoch as head of 1st Division, which was transported in May to fight a series of skirmishes against French troops at Chemin des Dames. The Bavarians made their way piecemeal through the Champagne region and reached the Argonne Forest by January 1918. The great German Spring Offensive of 1918 saw them fighting in support of General von Hutier's 18th Army. In October, Generalmajor Dänner's exemplary leadership during heated battle along the heights of the River Aisne resulted in the Kaiser honoring him with the Pour le Merite medal. The War soon ended, and Dänner returned home with what remained of his division. He briefly commanded Bavarian 2nd Infantry Division headquartered in Augsburg and then worked on the Royal Bavarian Army's demobilization staff. Upon his retirement from active duty in 1920, Dänner was brevetted as a Generalleutnant.

Generalmajor  22.01.1915

Pour le Mérite  26.10.1918

Curriculum Vitae
22.12.1883 Sekonde-Lieutenant
13.06.1892 Premier-Lieutenant
17.03.1897 Hauptmann
08.03.1907 Major
20.09.1910 Oberstleutnant
22.02.1913 Oberst
22.10.1913 Königlich Bayerische 23. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Ferdinand der Bulgaren - Landau/Germersheim  (Cdr) 
Great War
02.08.1914 Königlich Bayerische 23. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Ferdinand der Bulgaren
31.08.1914 convalescent leave
19.01.1915 3. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division  (in charge of divisional field recruiting depot)
22.01.1915 Generalmajor
15.03.1915 Königlich Bayerische 23. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Ferdinand der Bulgaren  (Cdr)
23.03.1915 1. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade
12.01.1917 1. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division  (replaced Albert von Schoch)
20.01.1920 außer Dienst
20.01.1920 Generalleutnant  (Charakter)




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