Peter Eugen Ritter von Benzino
(09.10.1856 - 28.11.1915)
place of birth: 
 Landstuhl, Kurpfalz
Königreich Bayern:  Div-Kdr,  General der Infanterie

Royal Bavarian divisional commander during the Great War. Eugen was born into the home of Carl Benzino and Paulina Hess, daughter of renowned artist Peter von Hess. Eugen von Benzino entered military service in 1875 with the Infantry Leib Regiment in Munich, remaining with that regiment for a total of 31 years. Receiving the Verdientsorden of the Bavarian Crown in 1908 bestowed on him the personal title of nobility - Ritter von Benzino. After three years in command of Bavaria's 1st Infantry Division headquartered in Munich, Benzino retired and was placed on active reserve status with the brevet to General der Infanterie.

General Ritter von Benzino was placed back on the active duty list as soon as War broke out in August 1914. He was charged with commanding the Bavarian Ersatz Division which was initially engaged on the Western Front in France's Vosges Mountains. His division was deployed between the Maas and Mosel rivers in 1915. During the first few months, they were engaged in the Aillywald region, then the rest of the year around La Vaux Fery (Cow's Head). Ritter von Benzino died in late November 1915 from complications due to lung disease and was replaced by Generalleutnant Eduard Ritter von Graf.

General der Infanterie  16.12.1914

Curriculum Vitae
11.09.1875 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München (Fahnenjunker)
22.03.1876 Portepée-Fähnrich
23.11.1877 Sekonde-Lieutenant
00.00.1884 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München (Bn Adjutant)
00.00.1884 Bayerische Kriegsakademie - München
00.00.1886 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München
06.07.1887 Premier-Lieutenant
19.06.1892 Hauptmann
00.00.1892 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München (Coy Cdr)
00.00.1897 Bayerischer Generalstab - München
12.08.1898 Major
00.00.1902 Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leibregiment - München (Bn Cdr)
14.07.1902 Oberstleutnant
28.10.1904 Oberst
28.10.1904 Königlich Bayerisches 11. Infanterie-Regiment ,,von der Tann - Regensburg  (Cdr)
13.10.1906 III. Königlich Bayerisches Armeekorps - Nürnberg  (Frh von der Tann-Rathsamhausen's Chief of Staff)
08.03.1907 Generalmajor
00.00.1907 Festung Ulm  (Commandant)
26.03.1908 in den persönlichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the Bavarian nobility)
23.05.1908 10. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade - Bayreuth  (Cdr)
04.05.1910 Generalleutnant
22.05.1910 1. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Division - München (Cdr, replaced Otto Kress von Kressenstein)
17.12.1913 General der Infanterie  (Charakter)
18.12.1913 zur Disposition gestellt
Great War
03.08.1914 Königlich Bayerische Ersatz-Division (Cdr)
16.12.1914 General der Infanterie
28.11.1915 death by natural causes 




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