Viktor Karl Wilhelm Bausch  
(15.09.1857 - 24.01.1940)
place of birth: 
Königreich Preußen:  Div-Kdr, Generalleutnant

General Bausch commanded the 66th Infantery Brigade during the lead up to the Great War. Bausch war vor Kriegsbeginn Kommandeur der in Metz stationierten 66. As Germany mobilized, he to over the leadership of the 33rd Reserve Infantry Division. The Battle of Longwy on August 22, 1914, signaled the division's leaving the defense of the Metz Fortress and taking part in the first attack on Verdun. As the two sides settled in to trench warfare, Bausch's division became part of the V. Army Corps and Army Detachment Strantz (Armeeabteilung Strantz). As his troops continued to fight near Verdun in the summer of 1916, the unit became subordinate to the XVIII. Reservekorps.

Generaleutnant 18.04.1915

Curriculum Vitae  
14.10.1880 Sekonde-Lieutenant
16.08.1889 Premier-Lieutenant
02.06.1893 Hauptmann
16.08.1899 Major
27.01.1906 Oberstleutnant
27.01.1909 Oberst
22.04.1912 Generalmajor
27.01.1907 VII. Armeekorps - Münster  (Frh von Bissing's Chief of Staff)
18.08.1908 Kulmer Infanterie-Regiment Nr.141 - Graudenz  (Cdr)
20.02.1909 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Vogel von Falkenstein Nr.141 - Wesel  (Cdr)
22.04.1912 66. Infanterie-Brigade - Metz  (Cdr)
Great War  
02.08.1914 33. Reserve-Division - Metz  (Cdr)
18.04.1918 Generalleutnant




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