Formation of the German Cavalry Division - Aug 1914
Cavalry Division
3 Cavalry Brigades, 1 Mounted Field Artillery Detachment, 1 Machine-Gun Detachment
1 Cav-Pioneer Det, 1 Heavy Wireless Det, 1 Light Wireless Det, 1 Jger Bn (some divisions)
Cavalry Division Headquarters:
Divisional Commander  =  Generalleutnant or Generalmajor
Divisional Staff:
First Staff Officer
Second Staff Officer
3x Cavalry Brigade Commanders
* Cavalry Division  =  5,200 men & 5,600 horses, plus 12 artillery pieces
* 2 August 1914:  11 Cavalry Divisions
* one Cavalry Regiment (or half-Regiment) was assigned to each Infantry Division
Senior Cavalry Commander (HKK
the HKK exercised tactical command authority over 2-3 Cavalry Divisions, but had
no administrative responsibilities. There were 4 HKKs formed at Mobilization:
HKK1:  Gd.KavDiv, 5.KavDiv  (attached to 4.AOK)
HKK2:  2.KavDiv, 4.KavDiv, 9.KavDiv  (attached to 2.AOK)
HKK3:  7.KavDiv, 8.KavDiv, Bay.KavDiv  (attached to 6.AOK)
HKK4:  3.KavDiv, 6.KavDiv  (attached to 5.AOK)
 (1. Kavallerie-Division assigned to Eastern Front)
die Kavallerie-Division:  diagram of a Cavalry Division
Kavallerie-Division composed of:
Kavallerie-Brigade  (3x)
Cavalry Brigade  =  2 Cavalry Regiments  (Kavallerie-Regimenter)
Kavallerie-Regiment  (6x)
Cavalry Regiment  =  4 Squadrons  (Eskadrons)
Eskadron  (24x)
Squadron  =  168 men, 178 horses
Reitende Abteilung der Feldartillerie  (1x)
Mounted Field Artillery Detachment  =  3 Batteries  (4x 75mm guns per bty)
MG-Abteilung  (1x)
Machine-Gun Detachment

Cron's Imperial German Army 1914-18

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