Adolf Lebrecht von Trotha
(01.03.1868 - 11.10.1940)
place of birth: 
 Koblenz, Rheinprovinz  (Rhenish Prussia)
Königreich Preußen:  Konteradmiral

Imperial German Rear Admiral Adolf von Trotha served in Kaiser Wilhelm II's Naval Cabinet as Admiral à la suite during the Great War. He worked in the latter half of the War as Chief of Staff of the Hochseeflotte, the High Sea Fleet, and shortly before War's end replaced Admiral Georg von Müller as Chief of the Admiralty. He was awarded the Pour le Merite medal on 10 June 1916.

Admiral von Trotha's father Karl von Trotha was killed in action during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, when Adolf was only two years of age. He joined the Prussian Navy in 1886 and was later part of the German contingent which participated in the Boxer Rebellion in China. After World War One, Admiral von Trotha stayed with the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II in the Netherlands for several months. He later took an active role in Germany's fledgling National Socialist movement, serving the Party as a member of the Prussian Privy Council, as well as being the Honorary Leader of the Naval Hitler Youth. Admiral von Trotha passed away in Berlin in October 1940 and was laid to rest in the cemetery of the Evangelical Church at Glienicke/Nordbahn .

Konteradmiral  17.12.1916

Pour le Mérite  10.06.1916

Curriculum Vitae
01.04.1886 Kaiserliche Marine  (Seekadett)
28.05.1889 Unterleutnant zur See
13.06.1892 Leutnant zur See
10.04.1899 Kapitänleutnant
00.00.1886 SMS ,,Seeadler  (navigational officer)
00.02.1900 Ostasiatische Kreuzergeschwader: Boxeraufstand  (East Asia Squadron, on Felix von Bendemann's Admiral Staff) 
00.00.1901 das Reichsmarineamt - Berlin  (on Alfred von Tirpitz' staff)
09.08.1904 Korvettenkapitän
00.00.1906 Linienschiff SMS Elsass  (First Officer)
00.00.1908 Hochseeflotte  (on High Seas Fleet staff)
13.03.1909 Fregattenkapitän
00.00.1909 Flügeladjutant Seiner Majestät des Kaisers und Königs - Berlin  (Aide-de-Camp to Kaiser Wilhelm II)
00.00.1909 Kreuzer SMS Königsberg  (Cdr) 
07.05.1910 Kapitän zur See
07.05.1910 das Kaiserliche Marinekabinett - Berlin  (Department Chief)
20.09.1913 Großlinienschiff SMS Kaiser  (Commandant)
Great War
02.08.1914 Gro ßlinienschiff SMS Kaiser  (Commandant)
29.01.1916 Chef des Stabes der Hochseeflotte  (Chief of Staff of the High Seas Fleet)
17.12.1916 Konteradmiral 
00.00.0000 Admiral à la suite des Kaisers
28.10.1918 Chef des Kaiserlichen Marinekabinetts   (Chief of Imperial Naval Cabinet at Great HQ, replaced Georg von Müller)
00.12.1918 das Personalamt im Reichsmarineamt - Berlin  (Chief)
26.03.1919 Chef der Admiralität der Reichsmarine  (Chief of the new Admiralty)
21.10.1919 Vizeadmiral
05.10.1920 außer Dienst
19.08.1939 Admiral  (Charakter)




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