Friedrich II Hermann Johann Georg Fürst zu Solms-Baruth
(24.06.1853 - 31.12.1920)
place of birth:  Berlin

Königreich Preußen:  Oberstkämmerer,  Generalleutnant (Kav)

Prince Friedrich zu Solms-Baruth served in Kaiser Wilhelm II's entourage  from 1899 to 1918 as Oberstkämmerer (High Chamberlain), the highest ranking court official in His Majesty's service. He was simultaneously attached to the Great General Staff, serving as the Imperial Commissar overseeing
volunteer health care personnel in the field. Solms-Baruth was additionally a member of the Herrenhaus, Prussian House of Lords, and functioned as the Kaiser's Oberstjägermeister, Grand Master of the Hunt. Prince Friedrich II was the son of Prince Friedrich I zu Solms-Baruth and his wife Rosa Countess of Telek von Szek. He originally served as a Prussian cavalry officer in the First Guard-Dragoons Regiment in Berlin. His wife was Louise Countess of Hochberg, Baroness of Fürstenstein.

Generalleutnant  10.07.1918  (Charakter)