Moriz Freiherr von Lyncker 
(30.01.1853 - 20.01.1932)
place of birth:  Berlin-Spandau
Königreich Preußen:  Chef des Militärkabinetts,  Generaladjutant SM,  Generaloberst

Adjutant General to Kaiser Wilhelm II, General von Lyncker also served as the Kaiser's Military Cabinet Chief throughout the Great War. Moriz was born into a family of military officers; his father was Arthur von Lyncker (1814-1895), and his mother was Emma Siecke (1829-1916). He was the eldest of three sons, all of whom served in the Prussian Army. In 1889, Major von Lyncker married Anna Marie von der Horst and became an extremely dedicated and loving family man. Along with their three daughters, he and his wife also had three boys. Their son Niklas was killed early on in the war, while Bodo became a pilot and was killed in action in February 1917 over the skies of Macedonia.

Soon after joining the military service,
17-year old Moriz was sent to France to fight in the Franco-German War of 1870-71. He was seriously wounded at St Privat on 18 August 1870. Althrough, he received the Iron Cross for bravery, he had to be on immediate convalescent leave for the remained of the war. It was while recuperating in St Goddard, Switzerland, that von Lyncker first met future Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg. Returning to Prussia, von Lyncker steadily progressed in his military career over the subsequent years. He served as both a company and battalion commander within the Guards, and gained valuable experience working for various general staffs. A very important third element was added to his CV when from 1887 to 1889 he entered into the service of His Majesty's Royal Court as an aide-de-campe to Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm (later, Kaiser Friedrich III). He was again called into court service from 1895 to 1898 to function as Military Governor to Kaiser Wilhelm II's two sons: Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and Eitel Friedrich.

General von Lyncker continued with his career progression as was tasked with the command of a Guards regiment and brigade, and was subsequently transferred to Hannover in order to head up the 19th Infantry Division. Following the sudden death of General von Hülsen-Haeseler in November 1908, von Lyncker returned to Berlin to serve the remainder of his career as the Kaiser's 'Vortragender' Adjutant General, responsible for personnel issues within the Prussian Army. Parallel to this, he also functioned as the Chief of the Kaiser's Military Cabinet. He remained a stalwart aide to Kaiser Wilhelm during the Great War, but faded toward the end of the Kaiser's reign as the death's of his wife and two sons proved more than the dedicated family man could bear. General von Lyncker was awarded the Pour le Merite medal in November 1917 and was ultimately promoted to the rank of colonel general in April 1918. He died on 20 January 1932 in Demnitz. 


Mil-Kabinettschef  17.11.1908  -  27.07.1918
Generaloberst  10.04.1918

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871

Pour le Mérite  11.11.1917

Curriculum Vitae
25.03.1870 ,,Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 2 - Berlin  (Fahnenjunker)
16.09.1870 Portepee-Fähnrich
19.07.1870 Deutsch-Französischer Krieg von 1870–1871   (awarded Iron Cross during Franco-Prussian War)
27.09.1870 Sekonde-Lieutenant
00.08.1875 ,,Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 2 - Berlin   (Coy Adjutant)
28.05.1878 Premier-Lieutenant
01.10.1878 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
02.07.1881 ,,Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 2 - Berlin
22.10.1881 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Potsdam
18.04.1882 Großer Generalstab - Berlin 
18.04.1883 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Potsdam  (Coy Cdr)
22.03.1884 Hauptmann
22.10.1887 IV. Armeekorps-Inspektion - Magdeburg  (Adjutant on Crown Prince Friedrich's general staff)
26.05.1888 18. Infanterie-Division - Flensburg  (on Julius von Bergmann's General Staff)
19.11.1889 Major
31.05.1892 IV. Armeekorps - Magdeburg  (on Karl von Hänisch's General Staff)
14.05.1894 Garde-Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 1 - Berlin  (Bn Cdr)
03.01.1895 Hauptquartier SM des Kaisers und Königs - Berlin  (Mentor to Crown Prince Wilhelm and Prince Eitel Friedrich)
27.01.1896 Oberst-Lieutenant
24.05.1898 Oberst
01.10.1898 ,,Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 3 - Charlottenburg  (Cdr)
19.08.1901 Offizier von der Armee
14.11.1901 Generalmajor
27.01.1902 1. Garde-Infanterie-Brigade - Potsdam  (Cdr)
22.04.1905 19. Infanterie-Division - Hannover  (Cdr)
19.12.1905 Generalleutnant
17.11.1908 Chef des Militärkabinetts & vortrag. Generaladjutant SM des Kaiser und Königs  (Mil Cabinet Chief in HM Wilhelm II's court)
01.09.1909 General der Infanterie
Great War
02.08.1914 Chef des Militärkabinetts & vortrag. Generaladjutant SM des Kaiser und Königs  (Mil Cabinet Chief in HM Wilhelm II's court)
10.04.1918 Generaloberst
27.07.1918 Reichs-Militärgericht - Charlottenburg  (President of the Imperial Military Court, replaced Graf von Kirchbach)
11.07.1919 außer Dienst




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