Wilhelm II. deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen
(27.01.1859 - 04.06.1941)
place of birth:  Potsdam, Brandenburg
Königreich Preußen:  Seine Majestät der Kaiser und König,  Oberster Kriegsherr


Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preußen, was Queen Victoria's eldest grandchild. Wilhelm (William) was a descendant of the Hohenzollern Dynasty; at the age of 29 he was crowned Wilhelm II, becoming the last German Emperor and King of Prussia. Wilhelm, also referred to as William, did not like Bismarck, however (main conflict was over social policy), and thus dismissed him in 1890. A birth defect rendered his left arm embarrassingly withered and useless. He became obsessed with mysticism and thoroughly believed  in rule by divine right. His loathing of England was due to an extreme inferiority complex and was fueled by the hatred of his English mother, whom he placed under house arrest upon his father's death.

Kaiser Wilhelm II gloried in the Prussian Army's militaristic traditions, and his policies of German aggrandizement paved the way to war in 1914. During the war, his influence declined and once Hindenburg & Ludendorff had come into full power, he had lost most of his effective power. He was forced to abdicate in November 1918 and was exiled to the Netherlands. Wilhelm II was described by his uncle, King Edward VII, as the 'most brilliant failure in history'.  The Kaiser died on 4 June 1941 in exile in Doorn, Netherlands. 


deutscher Kaiser  15.06.1888  -  28.11.1918

König von Preußen  15.06.1888  -  28.11.1918
Generalfeldmarschall  03.05.1900

Großkreuz des EK  11.12.1916

Pour le Mérite  15.02.1915  (Eichenlaub:  12.05.1915)


"A difficult hour has broken over Germany. Envious people everywhere force us to a justifiable defense. The sword is forced into our hands. I hope that if, in the final hour, my efforts to bring our opponents to insight and to peace do not succeed, we, with God's help will wield the sword in such a way that we can then, with honors, sheath it more firmly. A war would demand from the German people enormous sacrifices in property and blood. But we would show our enemies what it means to attack Germany. And now I bid you go with God to church, kneel before Him and ask that He will help our good army!"

Kaiser Wilhelm II
Berlin, 1 August 1914


Curriculum Vitae
27.01.1869 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Potsdam
27.01.1869 Leutnant
22.03.1876 Oberleutnant
22.03.1880 Hauptmann
16.10.1881 Major
16.09.1885 Leibgarde-Husaren-Regiment - Potsdam  (Cdr)
16.09.1885 Oberst
27.01.1888 2. Garde-Infanterie-Brigade - Potsdam  (Cdr)
27.01.1888 Generalmajor
15.06.1888 Oberster Kriegsherr des deutschen Heeres und Chef der Marine  (Supreme Commander of the Germany Military)
03.05.1900 Generalfeldmarschall
Great War
03.08.1914 Großes Hauptquartier, Oberster Heeresleiter   (Supreme Commander of the Field Army)

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