Erich Gustav Wilhelm Theodor von Gündell
(13.04.1854 - 23.121924)
place of birth:  Goslar, Niedersachsen  (Lower Saxony)
Königreich Preußen:  OBH,  General der Infanterie

Imperial German General von Gündell was brought out of retirement when the war began to command a reserve corps on the Western Front attached to Crown Prince Wilhelm's Fifth Army. He subsequently commanded Army Detachment "B" during the last two years of the war. Near the end of the war, von Gündell chaired the Commission for Armistice negotiations which was set up by Chancellor von Baden subsequent to his Peace Note to President Wilson. Prior to the war, von Gündell was a delegate at the Hague Peace Conference of 1907, where he submitted an amendment recognizing
the rights of civilians in occupied countries.

"A belligerent is also forbidden to force local nationals of the adverse party to be involved in the operations of war directed against their country, even if they served before war's outbreak."

Major General  Erich von Gündell
* Hague Peace Conference - 1907

General der Infanterie  02.09.1914

Pour le Mérite  28.08.1916

Curriculum Vitae
01.04.1873 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Großherzhog von Sachsen (5. Thüringisches) Nr. 94 - Weimar 
15.10.1874 Sekonde-Lieutenant
01.04.1873 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
17.10.1883 Premier-Lieutenant
20.07.1884 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Großherzhog von Sachsen (5. Thüringisches) Nr. 94 - Weimar 
01.04.1887 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
22.03.1888 Hauptmann
24.03.1890 6. Infantry-Division - Berlin  (on general staff)
05.05.1891 Füsilier-Regiment ,,Fürst Karl-Anton von Hohenzollern (1. Hohenzollernsches) Nr. 40 - Rastatt  (Coy Cdr)
27.01.1893 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
15.08.1893 Major
01.10.1894 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (instructor) 
14.12.1897 5. Badisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 113 - Freiburg  (Bn Cdr)
13.09.1899 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (Section Chief)
18.04.1900 Oberstleutnant
09.07.1900 Ostasiatisches Expeditionskorps: Boxeraufstand  (East Asian Expedition Corps, von Lessel's Chief of Staff) 
31.10.1901 Commission on East Asian Expedition
05.01.1901 I. Armeekorps - Königsberg  (on Finck von Finkenstein's general staff) 
14.11.1901 I. Armeekorps - Königsberg  (Finck von Finkenstein's Chief of Staff) 
22.04.1902 Oberst
24.04.1904 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Preußen (2. Magdeburgisches) Nr. 27 - Halberstadt  (Cdr)
22.02.1906 Großer Generalstab, Oberquartiermeister - Berlin  (Deputy Chief of the Great General Staff) 
14.06.1906 Generalmajor
17.09.1909 Generalleutnant
27.01.1910 20. Infanterie-Division - Hannover  (Cdr, replaced Frh v.z. Egloffstein)
01.04.1913 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (Director, replaced Kurt Frh von Manteuffel)
04.09.1913 General der Infanterie  (Charakter)
04.09.1913 zur Disposition gestellt
Great War
02.08.1914 V. Reservekorps  =  5. Armee
02.09.1914 General der Infanterie
03.09.1916 Armeeabteilung "B"  (replaced Hans Gaede) 
23.12.1918 außer Dienst




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