Hans Johann Karl Hermann von Gronau  
(06.12.1850 - 22.02.1940)
place of birth:  Alt-Schadow, Beeskow-Storkow  (Brandenburg)
Königreich Preußen:  OBH,  General der Artillerie

Imperial German General of Artillery Hans von Gronau was brought out of retirement to command at the corps level during the Great War. His father Johann was a senior official in the Royal Prussian forestry service. Hans was married to Luise nee Gerischer; their eldest son Wolfang was a renowned pilot circumnavigated the world in 1932. General von Gronau served during the pre-War years as Governor General of Fortress Thorn, retiring from active duty in 1911.

As the German Army mobilized in 1914, General von Gronau came out of retirement to command IV. Reserve Corps, part of General von Kluck's First Army during the invasion of Belgium and France. Placed on von Kluck's extreme right flank during the early September 1914 advance on the Marne, von Gronau was concerned about reports of strong enemy forces on his right and attacked in that direction; there he encountered elements of the French Sixth Army to begin the Battle of the Marne. Generaloberst von Kluck sent one corps to join Gronau's forces and then wheeled the whole First Army to attack. Gronau's enterprising and decisive leadership saved First Army from encirclement and allowed the German Army to withdraw northwards in relative good order.

General von Gronau was dispatched to the Eastern Front in September 1915 to head up XXXXI. Reserve Corps. Headquartered at Pinsk, von Gronau's troops secured the German-held sector of the Pripyat Swampland of modern-day Belarus' until early 1918. In February, he lead his Armeeabteilung Gronau into Ukraine to secure the area from a perceived Bolshevik threat. Following skirmishes in the area south of Minsk, Armeeabteilung Gronau was disbanded and once again became XXXXI. Reserve Corps. General von Gronau remained at his Pinsk headquarters until recalled to Brandenburg an der Havel in February 1919 for the demobilization of his corps. Von Gronau lived in retirement until passing away at the age 89.

General der Artillerie  02.09.1914

Pour le Mérite  14.10.1916  (Eichenlaub:  06.08.1918)

Curriculum Vitae
21.09.1870 Sekonde-Lieutenant
21.09.1870 Brandenburgisches Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,General-Feldzeugmeister Nr. 3 - Brandenburg / Jüterbog
01.10.1871 Artillerie- und Ingenieur-Schule - Berlin  (Artillery and Engineers Academy)
00.07.1873 Brandenburgisches Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,General-Feldzeugmeister Nr. 3 - Brandenburg / Jüterbog
01.10.1875 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (detached from FAR3)
21.07.1878 Brandenburgisches Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,General-Feldzeugmeister Nr. 3 - Brandenburg  (Adjutant-1879)
15.08.1878 Premier-Lieutenant
01.04.1880 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (detached for duty from FAR3 until 18.04.1882)
23.12.1882 Hauptmann
21.04.1883 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
20.06.1885 2. Infanterie-Division - Danzig  (on general staff)
22.03.1887 1. Badisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 14 - Karlsruhe  (Bty Cdr)
01.10.1888 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
15.10.1888 Major
00.00.1891 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (instructor, concurrent with above through 1892)
27.01.1894 Oberst-Lieutenant
14.05.1894 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
22.03.1897 Oberst
27.01.1898 1. Ostpreußisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 16 - Königsberg  (Cdr)
01.10.1899 2. Feldartillerie-Brigade - Insterburg  (Cdr)
18.04.1900 Generalmajor
27.10.1903 1. Infanterie-Division - Königsberg  (Cdr)
29.10.1903 Generalleutnant
01.10.1907 Gouvernement Thorn  (Governor of Fortress Thorn)
27.01.1908 General der Artillerie  (Charakter)
16.08.1911 zur Disposition gestellt
16.08.1911 à la suite Brandenburgisches Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,General-FeldzeugmeisterNr. 3
16.06.1913 in den erblichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the German nobility)
Great War
02.08.1914 IV. Reservekorps  =  1. Armee
02.09.1914 General der Artillerie z.D.
11.09.1915 XXXXI. Reservekorps
05.08.1916 Armeeabteilung Gronau  (concurrent with above)
31.03.1918 XXXXI. Reservekorps  (Armeeabteilung Gronau disbanded)
02.02.1919 außer Dienst




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