Karl Ritter von Fasbender  
(03.12.1852 - 13.05.1933) 
place of birth:  Michelbacherhütte bei Wiesbaden, Hessen  (Hesse)
Königreich Bayern:  Generalstabschef,  OBH,  General der Infanterie

German count Karl von Fasbender was originally from Hesse, but he spent his entire pre-war career in service of the Royal Bavarian Army. General von Fasbender additionally served as Bavarian Chief of General Staff from 1907 to 1908. He was born into the home of factory owner Karl Fasbender and his wife Elisabeth Lossen. After studying law at the University of Würzburg for just one year, in October 1872 he changed plans and joined the Bavarian 9th Infantry Regiment in Würzburg as a one-year volunteer.

When Imperial Germany mobilized for the Great War, General von Fasbender was brought out of inactive reserve status to command the I. Bavarian Reserve Corps subordinate to Bavarian Crown Prince Rupprecht's Sixth Army on the Western Front. Serving under him in the ranks during this time was a young private with the 16th Reserve Infantry Regiment named Adolf Hitler. Fasbender remained with the I. Reserves until just before war's end, when he replaced General Graf von Bothmer as commander of the Nineteenth Army for about two weeks. Having previously received the Pour le Merite in 1916 and upon the recommendation of Crown Prince Rupprecht, General von Fasbender was additionally awarded the Grand Cross of the Militär-Max-Joseph-Orden in April 1917. He once again retired from active duty after Armistice and died in Munich on 13 May 1933.


Generalstabschef   30.12.1907  -  18.11.1908
General der Infanterie  23.03.1912

Pour le Mérite  13.09.1916

Militär-Max-Joseph  05.10.1914 Ritter  (Kommandeur: 04.01.1917;  Großkreuz: 23.04.1917)

Curriculum Vitae
01.10.1872 Königlich Bayerisches 9. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Wrede- Würzburg
01.10.1873 Fahnenjunker
01.10.1874 Bayerische Kriegsschule - München
08.11.1875 Königlich Bayerisches 9. Infanterie-Regiment ,, Wrede - Würzburg  (Adjutant)
12.11.1875 Sekonde-Lieutenant
28.10.1881 Bayerische Kriegsakademie - München  
30.09.1884 Königlich Bayerisches 9. Infanterie-Regiment ,, Wrede - Würzburg
29.10.1885 Premier-Lieutenant
01.01.1886 Bezirkskommando Kaiserslautern  (Adjutant for Bavarian II. Armeekorps)   
01.12.1888 Bayerischer Generalstab - München    
01.09.1890 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (Rail Transport Section)
01.10.1890 Hauptmann
11.06.1891 Königlich Bayerisches 9. Infanterie-Regiment ,, Wrede - Würzburg  (Coy Cdr)    
22.09.1893 Bayerische Kriegsakademie - München  (instructor)
20.09.1895 4. Bayerische-Infanterie-Division  (Ia on general staff)
13.04.1896 Major
27.09.1897 Königlich Bayerisches 10. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König - Ingolstadt  (Bn Cdr)
13.12.1898 1. Bayerische Jäger Bataillon ,,König- Freising  (Cdr)
07.03.1900 Oberstleutnant
12.02.1901 Bayerische Militärische Schießschule - Lechfeld  (Cdr)
23.10.1902 Königlich Bayerisches 3. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Prinz Karl von Bayern - Augsburg  (Cdr)
15.10.1902 Oberst
09.04.1905 9. Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade - Nürnberg  (Cdr)
09.04.1905 Generalmajor
30.12.1907 Bayerischer Generalstab - München  (Chief of Bavarian General Staff, replaced Karl von Endres)
26.06.1908 Generalleutnant
18.11.1908 4. Bayerische Infanterie-Division - Würzburg (Cdr)
23.03.1912 General der Infanterie
23.03.1912 zur Disposition gestellt
Great War
02.08.1914 I. Bayerische Reservekorps  =  6. Armee  
23.06.1916 à la suite Königlich Bayerisches 1. Jäger-Bataillon König
08.11.1918 19. Armee  (replaced Felix Graf von Bothmer)
18.12.1918 zur Disposition gestellt




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