Hans Karl Adolph von Carlowitz
(25.03.1858 - 09.07.1928)
place of birth:  Riesa, Sachsen  (Saxony)
Königreich Sachsen:  Kriegsminister,  OBH,  Generaladjutant SM,  General der Infanterie

Saxon General der Infanterie Hans von Carlowitz served as Saxony's War Minister during the first year of the War (1914-15) and later commanded at the corps level on both fronts. During the last year of the war, he headed up the Ninth Army and the Second Army, at which time he vigorously defended the Siegfried Line against a much superior British Fourth Army.

Carlowitz was born in Saxony to Georg v. Carlowitz, a courthouse officer, and his spouse Ida von Könneritz. After his Abitur, Adolph studied law at Leipzig University, but after a couple years opted for a military career with the Saxon Infantry, having already previously served as a one-year volunteer with the 8th Infantry Regiment in Leipzig.

General von Carlowitz' military career saw him serving in several general staff positions within the Saxon Army at the division and corps level. He also served for a few years with the Prussian Great General Staff in Berlin. He eventually replaced von Hausen as Saxony's Minister of War in May 1914, just prior to the outbreak of World War One. This position was actually intended for leading field army in case of hostilities, but Carlowitz was instead called to head up the newly formed XXVII. (sächsisch-württembergische) Reservekorps. After recovering from a heart ailment in October 1914, he returned to the field but only as commander of an infantry division. He was transferred to the Eastern Front in the summer of 1915 as commander of the III. Reservekorps which played an important role during the Russian's Spring Offensive of 1916. In the summer of 1917, von Carlowitz replaced the deceased Max v. Laffert as commanding general of the XIX. Armeekorps back on the Western Front. This corps was known as "Gruppe Aubers" during the successful offensive at Armentieres in April 1918, for which von Carlowitz received the Pour le Merite

During the last few months of the war, von Carlowitz commanded the Ninth Army, responsible for defensive operations between Oise and Aisne. He thereafter took command of the Second Army which battled Rawlinson's Fourth Army near Cambrai and St Quentin. After the War ended, he retired from the army on 14 January 1919 and spent his last remaining years with his wife at Gersdorf near Döbeln. He was married to Priska von Stieglitz, and they had one son and three daughters. Von Carlowitz died at Gersdorf on 9 July 1922 and is buried at the military cemetary in Dresden-Alberstadt. His son Adolf became a doctor, and one of his daughters, Ruth, married Ferdinand Freiherr von Fürstenberg.


Kriegsminister   21.05.1914  -  25.08.1914

General der Infanterie  05.04.1917

Pour le Mérite  27.07.1917   (Eichenlaub:  25.05.1918)

Militär-St-Heinrich  24.01.1916  Ritter  (Komtur II:  26.10.1916;  Komtur I:  05.05.1918) 

Curriculum Vitae
00.04.1877 Königlich Sächsisches 8. Infanterie-Regiment ,,Prinz Johann Georg Nr. 107 - Leipzig  (Einjährig-Freiwilliger)
00.00.1879 Königlich Sächsisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Georg Nr. 106 - Leipzig  (Portepee-Fähnrich) 
13.10.1879 Sekonde-Lieutenant
01.10.1885 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
01.04.1887 Premier-Lieutenant
22.07.1888 unknown
00.00.1889 Königlich Sächsisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Georg Nr. 106 - Leipzig
01.04.1890 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
00.00.1891 XII. (I. Königlich Sächsisches) Armeekorps - Dresden   (on Prince Georg's general staff)
16.12.1891 Hauptmann
00.00.1893 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
00.00.1896 Königlich Sächsisches 7. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Georg Nr. 106 - Leipzig  (Coy Cdr)
22.09.1897 23. Infanterie-Division (1. Königlich Sächsische) - Dresden  (on Curt von Raab's general staff)
16.11.1898 Major
24.05.1901 Königlich Sächsisches 1. Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100 - Dresden  (Bn Cdr)
24.09.1902 XIX. (II. Königlich Sächsisches) Armeekorps - Leipzig  (Quartermaster on Hermann von Broizem's general staff)
22.01.1904 Oberstleutnant
23.04.1904 XII. (I. Königlich Sächsisches) Armeekorps - Dresden  (Viztthum von Eckstädt's Chief of Staff)
27.01.1907 Oberst
15.04.1908 Königlich Sächsisches 1. Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100 - Dresden  (Cdr)
23.09.1910 64. Infanterie-Brigade (6. Königlich Sächsische) - Dresden  (Cdr)
23.03.1910 Generalmajor
09.03.1912 Generaladjutant à la suite Seiner Majestät - Dresden  (General à la suite to Friedrich August III)
03.02.1913 Generaladjutant Seiner Majestät - Dresden  (Adjutant General to Friedrich August III)
03.02.1913 Generalleutnant
01.05.1914 Königlich Sächsisches Kriegsministerium - Dresden  (Royal Saxon Minister of War, replaced von Hausen)
Great War
02.08.1914 Großes Hauptquartier, Sächsischer Kriegsminister  (Saxon War Minister at Imperial German Great HQ)
25.08.1914 XXVII. Reservekorps  =  4. Armee
28.10.1914 Königlich Sächsisches Kriegsministerium - Dresden
27.10.1914 convalescent leave
21.08.1916 12. Reserve-Division
05.04.1917 General der Infanterie
08.08.1917 XIX. (II. Königlich Sächsisches) Armeekorps  (replaced von Laffert)
07.08.1918 9. Armee  (replaced Fritz von Below)
22.09.1918 2. Armee  (replaced von der Marwitz)
21.01.1920 außer Dienst




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