Albrecht Maria Alexander Philipp Joseph
Herzog von Württemberg
(23.12.1865 - 29.10.1939)
place of birth:  Wien, Österreich  (Vienna)
Königreich Württemberg:  Herzog,  OBH,  Generalfeldmarschall  (Kav)


The Duke of Württemberg, Field Marshal Albrecht served during the Great War as the commander of Germany's Fourth Army. The son of Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria (1845-1927), he was one of Germany's clearest and most independent military minds. As a royal, the duke enjoyed the customary rapid climb up the command ladder. He was promoted to colonel general in 1913, having complete charge of the Württemberg Army, and during the Great War made the final step to field marshal (August 1916).

Albrecht commanded Germany's Fourth Army
at war's outbreak when his forces were the first to occupy Luxembourg. Along with his worthy Chief of Staff, Konrad Krafft von Dellmensingen, he had victories against the French at Neufchateau and Sedan. In 1915, his troops also took part in the Race to the Sea where they later found themselves entrenched at Ypres. Here his army launched the April 1915 attack known as Second Ypres, noted for the first use of poison gas (phosgene) on the Western Front.  Albrecht was awarded the Pour le Merite in 1915 and was promoted to field marshal in 1916. Also serving under him at this time was the young signals officer and future WW2 chief of general staff, Heinz Guderian, as well as a young Bavarian reservist by the name of Corporal Hitler. Albrecht concluded his wartime service as commander of an army group on the fairly quiet southern sector of the Western Front. After the armistice, Albrecht was stripped of his royal inheritance but was able to live out his final years in his castle at Altshausen, Oberschwaben. He died there on 31 October 1939. Albrecht, who had been the oldest son of Duke Philipp I of  Württemberg, was married to the Duchess Margaretha Sophie of Austria.

Generalfeldmarschall  01.08.1916  

Pour le Mérite  22.08.1915   (Eichenlaub:  25.02.1918)

Württemberg MVO  00.00.0000   Großkreuz

Dienststellung  Gen.Insp.d.I.A., Chef d.Gren.R.119,  àls d.Ulan.R.19, K.P. Gen.Oberst, àls d.Kür.R.5, àls d.Bayer.4.Inf.R., d.Sächs. Inf.R.105 u.d.2.SeeBn., Inh.d.Österr.73.Inf.R.

Curriculum Vitae
23.08.1885 Ulanen-Regiment ,,König Karl (1. Württembergisches) Nr. 19 - Ulm 
28.08.1883 Sekonde-Lieutenant
09.06.1888 Premier-Lieutenant
12.05.1890 Grenadier-Regiment ,,Königin Olga (1. Württembergisches) Nr. 119 - Stuttgart  (Coy Cdr)
18.01.1890 Hauptmann
24.01.1893 Major
25.03.1893 Oberst-Lieutenant
01.12.1893 Ulanen-Regiment ,, König Karl (1. Württembergisches) Nr.19 - Ulm  (Squadron Cdr)
18.04.1896 Oberst
10.09.1898 4. Garde-Kavallerie-Brigade - Potsdam 
15.06.1898 Generalmajor
14.09.1900 51. Infanterie-Brigade - Stuttgart
13.04.1901 26. Infanterie-Division - Stuttgart  (Cdr, replaced Schnürlen)
16.06.1901 Generalleutnant
22.09.1906 General der Kavallerie
24.09.1906 XI. Armeekorps - Kassel  (Cdr, replaced Linde-Suden)
25.02.1908 XIII. Armeekorps - Stuttgart  (Cdr, replaced Fallois)
01.03.1913 VI. Armee-Inspektion - Stuttgart  (Inspector General, replaced von der Goltz)
24.09.1913 Generaloberst
Great War
02.08.1914 4. Armee 
01.08.1916 Generalfeldmarschall
07.03.1917 Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht von Württemberg - Straßburg




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