Robert Maria Klemens Philipp Joseph Herzog von Württemberg K.H.
(14.01.1873 - 12.04.1947)
place of birth:  Merano, Italia
Königreich Württemberg:  Herzog,  Generalleutnant  (Kav)

Royal W
ürttemberg officer Duke Robert served in the German military and was a prince in the Royal House of Württemberg. Having been born in Italy and growing up in Vienna, he was the fourth child of Duke Philipp and Marie Therese Archduchess of Austria. His older brother Albrecht, the heir to Württemberg's throne, also served during the Great War as a Field Marshal and field army commander.  He died in Altshausen at the age of 74.


Generalleutnant  19.09.1916 

Dienststellung  àls d.Drag.R.26 u.d. Ulan.R.9, i.Österr.9.Drag.R.

Curriculum Vitae
10.10.1891 Sekonde-Lieutenant
24.02.1896 Premier-Lieutenant
24.02.1900 Rittmeister
25.02.1904 Major
21.01.1907 Dragoner-Regiment ,,König (2. Württembergisches) Nr. 26 - Stuttgart/Canstatt  (Cdr)
27.01.1907 Oberstleutnant
07.09.1909 Oberst
21.09.1912 26. Kavallerie-Brigade (1.Königlich Württembergische) - Stuttgart  (Cdr)
27.01.1913 Generalmajor
Great War
02.08.1914 26. Kavallerie-Brigade (1.Königlich Württembergische)
19.09.1916 Generalleutnant




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