Theodor Freiherr von Watter
(05.10.1856 - 28.01.1922)
place of birth:  Gmünd, Württemberg
Königreich Württemberg:  KG,  General der Infanterie

Württemberg general officer and Baron Theodor Freiherr von Watter was in command of 39th Infantry Division as Germany mobilized for the Great War. He was descended from old Pomeranian nobility, as was his first cousin General Oskar von Watter, who served as a division commander during the War.

Von Watter's infantry division initially marched into Mühlhausen where where they immediately saw action against French troops. They continued to engage the French in the Lorraine region throughout August, but von Watter was selected to replace General Hoiningen at the end of month as commander of XIV. Army Corps.  General von Watter's new corps first supported the Sixth Army during battles at Arras and near Lille, before proceeding to the trenches of Flanders. In March of 1915, General von Watter was sent by OHL to Rawka-Bzura on the Eastern Front, where he replaced Max von Fabeck as commander of Württemberg's XIII. Army Corps. The new troops under his command were part of Germany's push through Poland along the River Narew, where they subsequently captured the fortress at Różan

The Württembergers were transported to the Western Front in September 1915 and were then put into action during the Second Battle of Champagne (25 September to 6 October). After some time spent in reserve at Cambrai and intermittent skirmishing along the Yser Canal, the corps fought in support of Germany's First Army during the Battle of the Somme. In August 1916, von Watter was promoted to General der Infanterie and awarded the Pour le Mérite for his outstanding leadership. After his corps was supplemented with replacements in November, they moved back to the Somme but were subsequently withdrawn in the spring of 1917 to the so-called Siegfried Line, where they remained for almost an entire year. Immediately prior to Germany's Spring Offensive of March 1918, however, von Watter took sick and was forced to return home for convalescence. 

Upon his return from Germany, von Watter again took the reigns of XIII. Corps and led them during the Battle of Soissons. The corps troops then went on the defensive, making an orderly retreat as the Allied forces pushed them back to the homeland. General von Watter retired from active duty in December 1918 and passed away in 1922 in Baden-Baden. 

General der Infanterie  18.08.1916

Pour le Mérite  01.09.1916

Württemberg MVO  01.11.1914  Ritter   (Komtur:  20.02.1918)

Curriculum Vitae
06.04.1874 Portepée-Fähnrich
06.04.1874 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Friedrich König von Preußen (7. Württembergisches) Nr. 125 - Stuttgart
10.10.1875 Sekonde-Lieutenant
01.03.1877 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Friedrich König von Preußen (7. Württembergisches) Nr. 125 - Stuttgart  (Bn Adjutant)
21.07.1884 Premier-Lieutenant
21.03.1888 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
04.05.1890 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Großherzog Friedrich von Baden (8. Württembergisches) Nr. 126 - Straßburg i. E.  (Coy Cdr)
05.05.1890 Hauptmann
23.09.1891 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
14.09.1893 31. Infanterie-Division - Straßburg i. E.  (Ia on Eduard von Jena's general staff)
18.06.1895 26. Infanterie-Division (1. Königlich Württembergische) - Stuttgart  (Ia on Johannes von Dettinger's general staff)
14.11.1895 Major
18.08.1896 Grenadier-Regiment ,,König Karl (5. Württembergisches) Nr. 123 - Ulm  (Bn Cdr)
21.04.1898 XIII. (Königlich Württembergisches) Armeekorps - Stuttgart  (Ia on Oskar von Lindequist's general staff)
22.04.1902 Oberstleutnant
29.05.1902 II. Armeekorps - Stettin  (provisional Chief of Staff)
18.04.1903 II. Armeekorps - Stettin  (Arnold von Langenbeck's Chief of Staff)
22.04.1905 Oberst
22.04.1905 6. Badisches Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Friedrich III Nr. 114 - Konstanz  (Cdr)
14.04.1907 Grenadier-Regiment ,,Konigin Olga (1. Württembergisches) Nr. 119 - Stuttgart  (Cdr)
24.03.1909 56. Infanterie-Brigade - Rastatt   (Cdr)
24.04.1909 Generalmajor
21.03.1912 39. Infanterie-Division - Colmar  (provisional Cdr)
22.04.1912 Generalleutnant
22.04.1912 39. Infanterie-Division - Colmar  (Cdr, replaced von Pavel)
Great War
02.08.1914 39. Infanterie-Division  =  7. Armee    
31.08.1914 XIV. Armeekorps  (replaced Ernst Frh von Hoiningen-Huene)
09.03.1915 XIII. (Königlich Württembergisches) Armeekorps  (replaced Max von Fabeck)
18.08.1916 General der Infanterie
00.03.1918 convalescent leave
00.05.1918 XIII. (Königlich Württembergisches) Armeekorps  (return from convalescent leavei)
20.12.1918 Uniform:  Grenadier-Regiment ,,Konigin Olga (1. Württembergisches) Nr.119
20.12.1918 außer Dienst




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