Theodor Hans Joseph Alexander Teetzmann
(18.10.1859 - 16.01.1930)
place of birth:  Blankenburg, Harz
Königreich Preußen:  Div-Kdr,  Generalmajor

Theodor Teetzmann was a Prussian general who served during World War One. After training with the Cadet Corps, he joined up with the 16th Infantry Regiment in Cologne in 1875. As a major, he headed up the military school at Anklam from 1908 until 1913, when he became commander of the 30th Infantry Regiment in Saarlouis.

As Germany mobilized for the War, Colonel Teetzmann's regiment was selected to be part of the vanguard pushing into France, their first engagement being during the Battle of Longwy. In quick succession, Teetzmann was transferred to command first the 29th Infantry Brigade. In October of 1916, he was promoted to Generalmajor and transferred to command the 34th Infantry Division. He was awarded the Pour le  Merite on 11 October 1917. After the War ended, lead his divisional troops back to its headquarters in Metz, where he remained to command XVIth Army Corps until retirement from active duty in September 1919.

Generalmajor  18.04.1915

Pour le Mérite  11.10.1917

Curriculum Vitae  
00.00.1875 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr. 16 - Köln
15.11.1877 Sekonde-Lieutenant
22.03.1887 Premier-Lieutenant
27.01.1893 Hauptmann
18.04.1903 Füsilier-Regiment ,,Königin Viktoria von Schweden (1. Pommersches) Nr. 34 - Stettin  (Bn Cdr)
18.04.1903 Major
18.02.1908 Königliche Kriegsschule - Anklam  (Cdr)
22.03.1910 Oberstleutnant
27.01.1913 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Graf Werder (4. Rheinisches) Nr. 30 - Saarlouis  (Cdr)
27.01.1913 Oberst
Great War  
02.08.1914 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Graf Werder (4. Rheinisches) Nr. 30
01.10.1914 29. Infanterie-Brigade 
28.10.1914 UI. Infanterie-Brigade 
04.02.1915 86. Infanterie-Brigade 
18.04.1915 Generalmajor
14.10.1916 34. Infanterie-Division 
03.04.1919 XVI. Armeekorps - Metz 
30.09.1919 aus der Armee 
30.09.1919 Generalleutnant  (Charakter)




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