August Ludwig von Schr÷der
(17.07.1854 - 23.07.1933)
place of birth:  Hinzenkamp bei Eggesin, Pommern  (Pomerania)
K÷nigreich Preu▀en:  KG,  Admiral

Imperial German mariner and Pour le Merite recipient, Admiral von Schr÷der entered the newly established Imperial Naval Service in May of 1871. Prior to World War One, he served on several different ships and commanded the Blitz, as well as the training vessel the Moltke. He additionally functioned as the Chief of the Cruiser-Class Division in the West Indies. Von Schr÷der retired from active duty in 1913.

As the War broke out on both fronts, von Schr÷der was reactivated and named commanding Admiral in Flanders, where he was in charge of both the sea-going forces and most of the naval infantry, which by mid-December 1915 became officially known as the Marinekorps Flandern. After transfer to the Baltic and near War's end, von Schr÷der was ordered by the Kaiser to take action against mutineering German sailors in Kiel. He advised Reichskanzler von Baden that the proposed measures were to harsh, and the orders were thus not carried out. Ludwig von Schr÷der died in Berlin-Halensee on 23 July 1933 and was buried at the Invalidenfriedhof.  His son Ludwig was a general in the Wehrmacht during World War Two.

Admiral  27.01.1911

Pour le MÚrite  20.10.1915  (Eichenlaub:  23.12.1917)

Curriculum Vitae
31.05.1871 Kaiserliche Marine  (Seekadett)
00.00.1874 Leutnant zur See
00.00.0000 Marineschule  (instructor) 
00.00.0000 SMS W÷rth   (1.Offizier)
00.00.0000 Oberkommando der Marine - Berlin  (Department Head) 
00.00.0000 SMS Moltke   (Commandant)
00.00.0000 Marineschule  (Director) 
00.00.0000 Admiralstab - Berlin  (Department Head) 
00.00.0000 Kreuzer-Division Amerika 
00.00.0000 Inspektion der Schiffsartillerie  (Chief Inspector)
01.10.1907 II. Linienschiffs-Geschwader
24.09.1910 Marine-Station der Ostsee - Kiel  (Chef) 
27.01.1911 Admiral
06.05.1912 zur Disposition gestellt
17.02.1912 in den erblichen Adelstand erhoben  (elevated into the German nobility)
17.02.1912 Ó la suite der Seeoffizierkorps
Great War
23.08.1914 Marine-Division Flandern
15.11.1914 Marine-Korps Flandern  (redesignated from Marine-Division Flandern)
06.11.1918 Marine-Station der Ostsee - Kiel  (Chef) 
12.12.1918 au▀er Dienst




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