Konstantin Heinrich Schmidt von Knobelsdorf
(13.12.1860 - 01.09.1936)
place of birth:  Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Infanterie

Prussian general Schmidt von Knobelsdorf served on the Western Front as Crown Prince Wilhelm's Chief of Staff (Fifth Army) for the first two years of the Great War. He had been the Crown Prince's military instructor during peacetime and was the de facto field commander of the Fifth Army. Awarded the Pour le Merite in 1915 for distinguished service during the fighting at Maison de Champagne. His name is forever linked to Verdun, where he pushed for victory at all costs. This lead to several flare-ups with the Crown Prince.

Schmidt von Knobelsdorf was transferred in August 1916 to the Eastern Front where he took command of X. Army Corps. His corps was based at Stochod, where they engaged the Russians in the Battle of Kowel and the Brusilov Offensive. When that front was somewhat settled by the end of the year, X. Army Corps was transferred to the Alsace region of the Western Front, where they fought as part of General von Gündell's Armee-Abteilung B. This situation devolved into trench warfare, but Schmidt von Knobelsdorf was nonetheless promoted to General der Infanterie prior to Armistice. He lead his troops back to their corps headquarters in Hannover and retired from active duty in September 1919.

"I've entrusted to you command of the Fifth Army.  Lt. General Schmidt von Knobelsdorf will accompany you as chief of staff...what he tells you, you must do."

Kaiser Wilhelm II  -  August 1914
* instructions to his son Crown Prince Wilhelm


General der Infanterie  13.09.1912

Pour le Mérite  17.10.1915  (Eichenlaub:  21.08.1916)

Curriculum Vitae
00.00.0000 Kadettenkorps
15.04.1878 Sekondeleutnant
15.04.1878 4. Magdeburgisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 67 - Metz
22.03.1881 Metzer Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 98 - Metz
01.10.1884 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
20.07.1887 Metzer Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 98 - Metz
16.08.1887 Premierleutnant
12.07.1889 Metzer Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 98 - Metz  (Regimental Adjutant)
24.03.1890 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
29.03.1892 Hauptmann
00.03.1893 4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Berlin  (Coy Cdr)
20.05.1897 2. Infanterie-Division - Königsberg  (Ia on Carl von Stünzer's general staff)
01.04.1898 Major
03.07.1899 IX. Armeekorps - Altona   (Ia on Robert von Massow's general staff)
17.04.1901 1. Hannoversches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 74 - Hannover  (Bn Cdr)
31.05.1904 X. Armeekorps - Hannover  (provisional Chief of Staff)
15.11.1904 Oberstleutnant
15.11.1904 X. Armeekorps - Hannover  (Carl von Stünzer's Chief of Staff)
14.04.1907 Oberst
31.07.1908 4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Koblenz  (Cdr) 
20.03.1911 Generalmajor
27.01.1911 Gardekorps - Berlin  (von Löwenfeld's Chief of Staff)
19.11.1912 Generalstab der Armee,  Oberquartiermeister - Berlin  (Senior Quartermaster of the General Staff)
27.01.1914 Generalleutnant
Great War
02.08.1914 5. Armee  (Crown Prince Wilhelm's Chief of Staff)
01.08.1915 Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz  (Crown Prince Wilhelm's Chief of Staff)
21.08.1916 X. Armeekorps  (replaced Walther von Lüttwitz)
18.10.1918 General der Infanterie
30.09.1919 zur Disposition gestellt




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