Axel Paul Julius von Petersdorff 
(09.02.1861 - 24.11.1933)
place of birth:  Gollnow, Pommern  (Goliniow, Poland)
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  Generalleutnant

German general officer Axel von Petersdorff commanded at the brigade, division, and corps level during the Great War. General von Petersdorff came from a well-known soldiering family, with three of his ancestors having earned the Pour le Merite honor during earlier conflicts. During his pre-War service, a young Hauptmann von Petersdorff was transferred to the War Ministry in Berlin and remained in the capacity over the subsequent 14 years. In 1913, he was sent to command Guard Grenadier Regiment Nr. 5 in Spandau.

As the Imperial German Army geared up for the War, Oberst von Petersdorff was selected to be in charge of the Guard Infantry Brigade and was promoted to Generalmajor soon after hostilities commenced. Fighting in support of General von Plettenberg's Guard Corps, his soldiers were an integral part of several key engagements as Germany's northern flank swept through Belgium and toward Paris, but ultimately faltering at the River Marne. The Guards then moved in April 1915 to the Eastern Front to fight for General von Mackensen and his Eleventh Army in Galicia. The Guards saw action in the taking of Gorlice-Tarnow and helped push the Russian enemy back across River San. During this time, von Petersdorff occasionally had sole charge of 2nd Guard-Infantry-Division as well.

After moving back to the Western Theater later in 1915, General von Petersdorff was put in charge of the independent 50th Reserve-Division in mid-summer 1916. He was then transferred in November to take full command of 2nd Guard-Reserve-Division, and led them into battle along the River Somme. The subsequently were engaged in April 1917 at Arras, and in June made their way to fight in the Flanders region. In the Spring of 1918, Generalmajor von Petersdorff's leadership during the fighting in the Artois and at Baupaume prompted his military leadership to recognize him with the Pour le Merite honor.

Von Petersdorff was promoted to Generalleutnant in May of 1918, becoming one of the youngest German officers to be serving at that rank. He was nonetheless soon transferred to XVII. Armeekorps headquarters to replace General von Etzel as commander. Remaining in this capacity until War's end, brought his corps back home to Danzig, where they fought revolutionary factions and shored up the defenses along the Polish border. In early 1919 and now in command of 20th Infantry Division in Kassel, he further organized anti-revolutionary defenses in Thuringia. As the Imperial German Army met its dissolution, General von Petersdorff likewise took his leave and retired from active duty in September of 1919. He lived another 34 years in the Wiesbaden area and passed away in November 1933.

Generalleutnant  18.05.1918

Pour le Mérite  22.04.1918

Curriculum Vitae
00.00.1881 Grenadier-Regiment ,,Graf Kleist von Nollendorf (1. Westpreußisches) Nr. 6 - Posen
13.09.1882 Sekonde-Lieutenant
16.05.1891 Premier-Lieutenant
27.01.1896 Hauptmann
00.00.1896 Preußisches Kriegsministerium - Berlin  (Adjutant in Zentral-Departement)
30.05.1902 Major
27.01.1909 Oberstleutnant
20.02.1912 Oberst
02.04.1913 Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 5 - Berlin-Spandau (Cdr)
Great War
02.08.1914 3. Garde-Infanterie-Brigade  =  2. Armee
19.08.1914 Generalmajor
01.07.1916 50. Reserve Division  (replaced Hans von der Goltz)
05.11.1916 2. Garde-Reserve Division  (replaced Paul Weese)
18.05.1918 Generalleutnant
27.08.1918 XVII. Armeekorps  (replaced Günther von Etzel)
20.12.1918 20. Infanterie-Division - Kassel
20.09.1919 außer Dienst




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