Gottfried Matthias Marquard
(02.06.1864 - 09.10.1918)
place of birth: 
 Braunschweig  (Brunswick)

Königreich Preußen:  AOK-Stabschef,  Div-Kdr,  Generalmajor

Prussian infantry officer Gottfried Marquard joined the 97th Infantry Regiment in October 1883. Prior to the War, Marquard was a colonel serving on the Great General Staff in Berlin. Upon mobilization, he was appointed Chief of Staff with General Günther Graf von Kirchbach's X. Reserve Corps. He was severely wounded in late August 1914, but returned to action to serve throughout most of the War as a Chief of Staff at both the corps level and field army level. Marquard was a divisional commander during the final year of the War, but was relieved of duty in late September 1918 due to health reasons. He died in Bad Homburg shortly thereafter.

Generalmajor  18.08.1917

Pour le Mérite  27.09.1916

Curriculum Vitae  
00.10.1883 1. Oberrheinisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 97 - Saarburg  (Avantageur)
14.02.1885 Sekonde-Lieutenant
14.09.1893 Premier-Lieutenant
01.04.1896 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (detached from IR-97)
01.04.1898 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (transferred to GGS)
24.05.1898 Hauptmann
00.00.0000 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (Section Chief)
23.03.1901 Infanterie-Regiment ,,von der Goltz (7. Pommersches) Nr. 54 - Kolberg  (Coy Cdr)
07.07.1903 34. Infanterie-Division - Metz  (on General Staff) 
16.03.1905 Major
01.04.1906 XVI. Armeekorps - Metz  (on Max von Prittwitz' General Staff)
00.00.1908 XVIII. Armeekorps - Frankfurt am Main  (Ia on Max Hermann von Eichhorn's General Staff)
27.01.1910 5. Rheinisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 65 - Köln  (Bn Cdr)
22.03.1912 Oberstleutnant
22.04.1912 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (Section Chief)
01.10.1912 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (Instructor)
22.04.1914 Oberst
Great War  
02.08.1914 X. Reservekorps  (Günther Graf von Kirchbach's Chief of Staff)
28.08.1914 wounded in action
24.12.1914 XXXIX. Reservekorps  (Otto von Lauenstein's Chief of Staff)
18.03.1915 Heeresgruppe Gallwitz  (Max von Gallwitz' Chief of Staff)
07.08.1915 12. Armee  (Max von Gallwitz' Chief of Staff)
23.09.1915 11. Armee  (Max von Gallwitz' Chief of Staff)
20.03.1916 VII. Reservekorps  (Hans von Zwehl's Chief of Staff)
04.06.1916 VI. Reservekorps  (Konrad von Goßler's Chief of Staff)
27.08.1916 aus der Armee
01.11.1916 Kriegsministerium - Berlin  (Director of Replacements)
18.08.1917 Generalmajor
03.02.1918 232. Infanterie-Division  (Cdr)     (replaced Theodor Mengelbier)
28.09.1918 convalescent leave




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