Hermann Ritter von Lenz
(23.06.1872 - 20.12.1959)
place of birth: 
 Neu-Ulm, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  AOK-Stabschef,  Oberstleutnant

Royal Bavarian infantry officer Herman von Lenz began the Great War as General von Fasbender's operations officer (Ia) with the I. Bavarian Reserve Corps. Lenz later built his wartime reputation serving as Crown Prince Rupprecht's Operation's Officer in 1916. He then served as a Chief of Staff at both the corps level and field army level. On 2 September of 1918, Lenz was put in command of the Bavarian 5th Infantry Regiment, but was seriously injured the following day and effectively removed from action for the the rest of the War. After retiring from the Army in 1921, von Lenz was brevetted as a major general in August of 1939 in remembrance of Tannenberg.

Oberstleutnant  17.04.1917

Pour le Mérite  10.04.1918

Militär-Max-Joseph  09.04.1917  Ritter

Curriculum Vitae
05.03.1892 Sekonde-Lieutenant
19.09.1900 Premier-Lieutenant
15.08.1906 Hauptmann
26.10.1911 Major
Great War
02.08.1914 I. Bayerisches Reserve-Korps (Ia on Karl von Fasbender's general staff)
10.06.1916 6. Armee  (Ia on Kronprinz Rupprecht's general staff)
28.08.1916 Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht  (Ia on Kronprinz Rupprecht's general staff)
24.12.1916 I. Bayerisches Reserve-Korps   (Karl von Fasbender's Chief of Staff)
17.04.1917 Oberstleutnant
27.08.1917 6. Armee (Otto von Below's Chief of Staff)
00.08.1918 Bayerisches Kriegsministerium - München
02.09.1918 Königlich Bayerisches 4. Infanterie-Regiment ,,König Wilhelm von Württemberg - Metz  (Cdr)
30.05.1921 außer Dienst
27.08.1939 Generalmajor  (Charakter - Tannenbergtag)




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