Dr. Hermann Joseph von Kuhl 
(02.11.1856 - 04.11.1958)
place of birth:  Koblenz, Rheinpreußen  (Rhenish Prussia)
Königreich Preußen:  AOK-Stabschef,  Generalleutnant

Imperial German general of infantry who served as the capable chief of staff for several different commanders during the war. Hermann was born on 2 November 1856 the son a of a high-school teacher from Koblenz. He majored in philology and literature at several institutions: Leipzig, Tübingen, Berlin and Marburg. He retired from the Army at war's end with the rank of General der Infanterie, publishing a number of texts on military science. He was also awarded the Pour le Mérite for Arts and Sciences in 1924. Kuhl received his title of nobility in 1913 during Wilhelm II's 25th anniversary as Kaiser of the Prussian Empire.

Kuhl began his military career in Cologne
in 1878, initially serving with the 5th Westphalian Infantry Regiment. This was followed by an assignment to the Kriegsakademie as an instructor in tactics and military history. He was head of the 3rd department of the General Staff and briefly the commander of the 25th Infantry Brigade at Münster from June 1913 to June 1914. Just prior to the outbreak of hostilities, von Kuhl had worked his way up to Senior Quartermaster (Oberquartiermeister) serving the Great General Staff.

As the German First Army pushed through Belgium
and shot toward Paris, Generalmajor von Kuhl acted as von Kluck's First Army Chief of Staff. Later, during the Battle of the Somme (1916), Generalleutnant von Kuhl had transferred to Army Group Crown Prince Rupprecht where he likewise served as Chief of Staff. For exemplary service during that engagement, von Kuhl received the Pour le Merite on 28 August. He added the Oakleaves on 20 December of that same year. He also saw action in the Ypres Salient. One of the most competent commanders in the German Army, von Kuhl wrote the book "Weltkrieg 1914-1918."  Dr.h.c. Hermann von Kuhl spent last few years living with his nephew in Frankfurt am Main. He died there on 4 November 1958 at the age of 102.

Generalleutnant  18.04.1915

Pour le Mérite  28.08.1916  (Eichenlaub:  20.12.1916)

Curriculum Vitae  
01.10.1878 5. Westfälisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 53 - Köln  (Avantageur)
12.08.1879 Sekonde-Lieutenant
01.10.1889 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
22.07.1892 5. Westfälisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 53 - Köln
16.02.1889 Premier-Lieutenant
00.00.0000 Bezirkskommando - Wesel  (Adjutant)
14.09.1893 Hauptmann
14.09.1893 Grenadier-Regiment ,,Friedrich Wilhelm I (2. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 3 - Königsberg  (Coy Cdr)
10.09.1897 Großer Generalstab - Berlin  (Section Chief, until 2.9.1913)
10.10.1898 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (Instructor, concurrent with above until 30.9.1902)
13.09.1899 Major
01.04.1902 Kaiserliche Marine  (Admiralty Staff, until 30.9.1902)
10.04.1906 Oberstleutnant
24.03.1909 Oberst
04.06.1912 Generalmajor
03.06.1913 25. Infanterie-Brigade - Münster  (Cdr)
08.12.1913 Generalstab der Armee,  Oberquartiermeister - Berlin  (Senior Quartermaster of the General Staff)
Great War  
02.08.1914 1. Armee  (von Kluck and von Fabeck's Chief of Staff)
18.04.1915 Generalleutnant
22.09.1915 12. Armee  (von Fabeck's Chief of Staff)
24.11.1915 6. Armee  (Kronprinz Rupprecht's Chief of Staff)
28.08.1916 Heeresgruppe Kronprinz Rupprecht  (Kronprinz Rupprecht's Chief of Staff)
12.01.1919 zur Disposition gestellt
10.09.1919 General der Infanterie  (Charakter) -  dated 12.01.1919




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