Georg Friedrich von Kleist
(25.09.1852 - 29.07.1923)
place of birth:  Rheinfeld, Pommern  (Przyjazl, Poland)
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Kavallerie

Imperial German cavalry officer Georg von Kleist was the only son of General Major Fedor Benno von Kleist. He later was commissioned in his father's old infantry regiment Nr.52 in Cottbus. As an 18-year old, Georg participated in the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71, seeing action in battles at Vionville and Mars-la-Tour. At Gravelotte, he was severely wounded in the leg, which led him to switch to the cavalry. 

Retired from active duty and living in the town of Wusseken, General von Kleist was recalled shortly after the Great War began, receiving command of the XXIII. Reserve Corps which was already engaged in Belgian Flanders. A couple months later, however, a heart ailment forced him to relinquish his command. He left the field hospital at Ghent in January 1915 and returned to Wusseken, dedicating his life to politics and his military writings. He published the of Field Marshal Kleist von Nollendorf, one of his ancestors. Von Kleist was married to Barbara von Nathusius with whom he had six sons and one daughter. His sons Heinrich and Fedor both served as officers during the Great War and were killed in action on Lithuania and Poland, respectively. Sons Robert, Ewald, and Barnim also served as Wehrmacht officers during World War Two.

General der Kavallerie  27.01.1907

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871

Curriculum Vitae
00.00.1869 Infanterie-Regiment ,,von Alvensleben (6. Brandenburgisches) Nr. 52 - Cottbus
25.09.1869 Sekonde-Lieutenant
19.07.1870 Deutsch-Französischer Krieg von 1870–1871   (awarded Iron Cross during Franco-Prussian War, wounded at Gravelotte)
00.00.1873 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
00.00.1874 Westfälisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 7 - Saarbrücken 
13.10.1877 Premier-Lieutenant
00.00.1880 XIV. Armeekorps - Karlsruhe (Adjutant)
00.00.1883 Schleswig Holsteinisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 13 - Metz  (Squadron Cdr) 
17.08.1883 Rittmeister
00.00.1889 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
00.00.1887 3. Infanterie-Division - Stettin (on Oppeln-Bronikowski's general staff)
13.12.1887 Major
06.08.1892 Ulanen-Regiment ,,Kaiser Alexander II von Rußland (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr. 3 - Fürstenwalde (Cdr) 
25.03.1894 Oberst-Lieutenant
27.01.1895 Großer Generalstab - Berlin (Section Chief)
18.04.1897 Oberst
20.07.1898 Leib-Husaren-Brigade Nr. 36- Danzig (Cdr) 
22.05.1999 Generalmajor
14.09.1901 1. Kavallerie-Inspektion - Königsberg  (Inspector General, replaced von Hagenow)
22.04.1902 Generalleutnant
18.04.1903 38. Infanterie-Division - Erfurt  (Cdr, replaced von Behm)
24.01.1907 General-Inspektion der Preußischen Kavallerie - Berlin (Cavalry Inspector General, replaced Ernst Edler von der. Planitz)
27.01.1907 General der Kavallerie
15.05.1909 à la suite:  Ulanen-Regiment Kaiser Alexander II von Rußland (1. Brandenburgisches ) Nr. 3 
00.00.1909 außer Dienst 
Great War
25.08.1914 XXIII. Reservekorps
19.12.1914 zur Disposition gestellt




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