Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Alfred von Kleist
(16.11.1857 - 13.05.1921)
place of birth:  Magdeburg, Sachsen  (Prussian Saxony)
Königreich Preußen:  KG-Genkdo,  Generalleutnant  (Art)

German general officer from the renowned military family, Alfred von Kleist was the third son of Generalmajor August von Kleist. He entered the Great War as brigade-level artillery commander and spent the next three years of the War commanding an infantry division. It was during this time that he became known as a soldier's soldier for his high energy and active concern for all his troops. He replaced General Eugen von Schmettow as commander of Generalkommando zbV Nr. 58 during the War's final year. In late September 1918, von Kleist deftly lead his troops as they defended against an attempted break-through by French forces during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. It was for his decisive actions and exemplary leadership in this engagement that von Kleist was awarded with the Pour le Merite medal.

After the War, General von Kleist continued his military service as a corps commander back in his home town of Magdeburg. He was married to a Prussian general Wilhelm Gever's daughter Elisabeth, with whom he had one daughter, Marie. His brother Erwin was also a general officer. Alfred von Kleist passed away on 13 May 1921 in Brandenburg an der Havel at the age of 64. 

Generalleutnant  06.11.1917

Pour le Mérite  08.10.1918

Curriculum Vitae
15.04.1876 Sekonde-Lieutenant
00.00.1876 Grenadier-Regiment ,,Kronprinz (1. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 1 - Königsberg
23.12.1876 Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,Prinz August von Preußen (1. Litauisches) Nr. 1 - Gumbinnen
00.10.1878 Vereinigte Artillerie- und Ingenieurschule - Charlottenburg
30.09.1880 Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,Prinz August von Preußen (1. Litauisches) Nr. 1 - Gumbinnen
01.06.1883 Oberfeuerwerker-Schule - Berlin  (Ordnance Training School, Instructor) 
31.12.1886 Feldartillerie-Regiment ,,Prinz August von Preußen (1. Litauisches) Nr. 1 - Gumbinnen
22.03.1887 Premier-Lieutenant
00.00.0000 Oberfeuerwerker-Schule - Berlin  (Ordnance Training School, Instructor) 
00.00.0000 Feld-Artillerie-Regiment ,,Großherzog(1. Badisches) Nr. 14 - Karlsruhe
15.12.1890 Hauptmann
15.12.1890 Feld-Artillerie-Regiment ,,Großherzog(1. Badisches) Nr. 14 - Karlsruhe  (Bty Cdr)
18.04.1901 Major
00.00.1901 3. Lothringisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 69 - St. Avold
18.04.1903 Oberfeuerwerker-Schule - Berlin  (Cdr, Ordnance Training School) 
11.09.1907 Oberstleutnant
14.10.1909 Torgauer Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 74 - Torgau  (Cdr) 
16.11.1910 Oberst
01.10.1913 Generalmajor
18.04.1913 6. Feldartillerie-Brigade - Brandenburg  (Cdr)
Great War
02.08.1914 6. Feldartillerie-Brigade  =  1. Armee
01.04.1915 115. Infanterie-Division 
06.11.1917 Generalleutnant
06.02.1918 Generalkommando z.b.V. Nr. 58  =  3. Armee  (replaced Egon von Schmettow)
10.01.1919 VI. Reservekorps  (replaced Kurt von dem Borne)
18.01.1919 Offizier von der Armee
10.02.1919 IV. Armeekorps - Magdeburg  (Cdr)
07.07.1919 zur Disposition gestellt




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