Emil Eduard Karl Ilse
(14.03.1864 - 14.04.1943)
place of birth:  Kempfeld, Württemberg
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  Generalleutnant  (Fußart)

Imperial German artillery specialist Emil Ilse
served as Duke Albrechts' Fourth Army Chief of Staff during most of the Great War. General Ilse spent much of his pre-War military career at the Strasbourg headquarters of Foot Artillery Regiment Nr.10.  Ilse had worked his way up to an assignment as foot artillery brigade commander in Cologne a couple years prior to the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. It was during this phase that he became a great advocate for incorporating aircraft into Germany's military strategy. 

Generalmajor Ilse led troops of the 5th Foot Artillery Brigade into war on the Western Front as the Germans crossed into Belgium in August 1914. He was transferred in late August to Duke Albrecht's Fourth Army Headquarters to function as Chief of Staff, a position he held for the subsequent three years. It was in this capacity that he received his promotion to Generalleutnant in 1915, and for which he was awarded the Pour le Merite medal. He was then selected to replace General von Deimling as commander of the XV. Army Corps. Following the Armistice, General Ilse led his troops back Kassel for the demobilization process. He remained in command of XV. Corps until retiring from active duty in April 1919. In retirement, Ilse was awarded the brevet rank of General der Artillerie (Charakter) on 27 August 1939 for Tannenberg Remembrance Day. He was laid to rest in Cologne in April of 1943.

Generalleutnant  18.08.1915

Pour le Mérite  28.08.1916

Curriculum Vitae
00.00.0000 Kadettenkorps
14.04.1883 Sekonde-Lieutenant
14.04.1883 Niedersächsiches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 - Straßburg im Elsaß
01.10.1885 Vereinigte Artillerie- und Ingenieurschule - Charlottenburg
30.09.1887 Niedersächsiches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 - Straßburg im Elsaß
17.04.1890 Premier-Lieutenant
01.10.1890 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
21.07.1893 Niedersächsiches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 - Straßburg im Elsaß  (Bty Cdr)
14.09.1893 Hauptmann
14.09.1893 Niedersächsiches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 - Straßburg im Elsaß   (Coy Cdr)
19.03.1896 General-Inspektion der Fußartillerie - Berlin  (adjutant to Inspector General Ernst von Kuhlmann)
02.07.1896 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
13.09.1899 Major
10.04.1906 Oberstleutnant
22.05.1907 XVIII. Armeekorps - Frankfurt am Main  (Hermann von Eichhorn's Chief of Staff)
24.03.1909 Oberst
25.07.1910 Niedersächsiches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 - Straßburg im Elsaß  (Cdr)
01.10.1912 Generalmajor
01.10.1912 5. Fußartillerie-Brigade - Köln  (Cdr)
Great War
02.08.1914 5. Fußartillerie-Brigade
21.08.1914 2. Armee  (Karl von Bülow's Chief Artillery Officer)
26.09.1914 4. Armee  (Herzog Albrecht's Chief of Staff)
18.08.1915 Generalleutnant
25.05.1917 XV. Armeekorps  (replaced Berthold von Deimling)
15.04.1919 zur Disposition gestellt
27.08.1939 General der Artillerie  (Charakter - Tannenbergtag)




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