Albert Theodor Otto von Emmich  
(04.04.1848 - 22.12.1915)
place of birth:  Minden, Westfalen  (Prussian Westphalia)
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Infanterie

German general and skillful commander of the Maas Army (Army of the Meuse), a 60,000 strong task force assigned to conduct the initial engagement of the Great War, a 10-day battle for the fortress town of Liege. Von Emmich successfully lead this six brigade, three cavalry division-strong reinforced detachment as they systematically took out Liege's twelve fortresses and main citadel. For this effort, he became the first
German soldier during the war to receive the coveted Pour le Merite award.

Following the siege,
von Emmich resumed command of his X.Army Corps, carrying out operations near Reims until April 1915. He and his corps were then sent to Galicia on the Eastern Front, where they fought with General von Mackensen and were successfully engaged in battles at Gorlice-Tarnow and the Fortress of Lemberg. In early autumn of 1915, von Emmich became ill in the field and was replaced as X.Corps commander by General Walter von Lüttwitz. He returned to Germany to recuperate but succumbed to his sickness, dying on 22 December 1915 in Hannover.


 Sekonde-Lieutenant - 1872 


The future General von Emmich was born in Westphalia to the family of Colonel Theoder von Emmich. Fairly short in stature (he was 5'4"), he entered military service on 3 July 1866, the very day on which the Battle of Königgrätz began. He spent the next ten years with the 55th Infantry Regiment in Detmold, fighting with this unit during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. He saw action at Gravelotte and Colombay where he was awarded the Iron Cross for his bravery. While serving with this regiment, he also became fast friends with Alexander von Kluck, a future field army commander during the Great War. Von Emmich was beknighted by Wilhelm II in 1912 on the Kaiser's birthday. 

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"General, you have nobly protected your forts. Keep your have crossed swords with you has been an honor, sir."

General of Infantry Otto von Emmich
* Aug 1914 - to Liege garrison commander Lt Gen Leman, upon his capture

General der Infanterie  29.05.1909

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871

Pour le Mérite  07.08.1914   (Eichenlaub:  14.05.1915)

Curriculum Vitae
03.07.1866 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Graf Bülow von Dennewitz (6. Westfälisches) Nr. 55 - Detmold/Minden 
08.02.1868 Sekonde-Lieutenant
14.12.1871 Premier-Lieutenant
19.07.1870 Deutsch-Französischer Krieg von 1870–1871   (awarded Iron Cross during Franco-Prussian War) 
29.04.1875 29. Infanterie-Brigade - Aachen  (Adjutant)
23.09.1879 7. Rheinisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 69 - Trier  (Coy Cdr)  
13.01.1880 Hauptmann
22.03.1881 2. Lothringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 131 - Metz  (Coy Cdr)
16.05.1888 Füsilier-Regiment ,,Königin (1. Schleswig-Holsteinisches) Nr. 86 - Flensburg (Coy Cdr) 
16.08.1889 Major
18.11.1890 Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Wilhelm (2. Großherzoglich Hessisches) Nr. 116 - Gießen  (Bn Cdr)
17.02.1894 Kurhessisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 11 - Marburg (Cdr)  
13.05.1895 Oberst-Lieutenant
17.06.1897 6. Badisches Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Friedrich III Nr. 114 - Konstanz (Cdr)   
17.06.1891 Oberst
18.05.1901 31. Infanterie-Brigade - Trier  (Cdr) 
18.05.1901 Generalmajor
14.02.1905 10. Infanterie-Division - Posen  (Cdr, replaced von Siemens)
14.02.1905 Generalleutnant
29.05.1909 X. Armeekorps - Hannover  (Cdr, replaced von Löwenfeld)
29.05.1909 General der Infanterie
06.06.1913 à la suite:  Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 73
Great War
02.08.1914 X. Armeekorps  =  2. Armee
02.08.1914 Maas Armee - Liege  (concurrent with above)
25.09.1915 convalescent leave in  Hannover




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