Oskar von Ehrenthal  
(15.08.1854 - 09.11.1921)
place of birth:  Borna, Sachsen
Königreich Sachsen:  KG,  General der Infanterie

Saxon general officer Oskar von Ehrenthal served in the Imperial German armed forces during the Great War as a division and corps commander. During the pre-War years, Ehrenthal developed his soldiering skills as an officer attached to various Saxon Jäger battalions. Upon attaining  the rank of major, he was selected to serve for about three years as an aide-de-camp in Saxon King Albert's entourage. As a Generalleutnant, von Ehrenthal ultimately received command of the 1st Saxon Infantry Division in Dresden before retiring from active duty in 1912. 

The breakout of hostilities throughout Europe predicated General von Ehrenthal's recall to full-time military service, and he was chosen to command 24th Infantry Division which marched in support of General von Hausen's Third Army headquarters. His division was engaged early on during the War in the effort to invest the Belgian fortresses at Namur and Givet. His troops were subsequently involved in the First Battle of Champagne from December 1914 through March 1915. Von Ehrenthal was soon thereafter brevetted to General der Infanterie, but due to an illness was placed on inactive reserve status in March 1916.

Returning to the battlefield in August, newly promoted General der Infanterie von Ehrenthal was given command of Saxony's XXVII. Reserve Corps which was still engaged on the River Somme. Initially attached to the First Army, the corps was moved further north of the river to support Sixth Army and remained in place until November 1916. At this point, Ehrenthal and his troops were transferred East to the River Narajiwka region in Ukraine. The corps remained entrenched until the following summer, and as the battle heated up in that area, General von Ehrenthal was hit by shrapnel, causing him to lose an eye. For his leadership and sacrifice, von Ehrenthal was awarded the Pour le Merite and subsequently retired from active duty. The general returned to Schloß Schönbach near Eger (Cheb) and passed away there in November 1921. 

* image courtesy of Christophe Deruelle

General der Infanterie  28.08.1916

Pour le Mérite  15.06.1917

Militär-St-Heinrich  05.10.1914  Ritter  (Komtur II:  29.10.1915)

Curriculum Vitae  
01.10.1872 Königlich Sächsisches 2. Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 13 - Dresden  (Avantageur)
25.04.1873 Portepée-Fähnrich
04.10.1873 Kriegsschule Erfurt  (detached from Jäger-Bataillon Nr.13)
24.10.1874 Sekonde-Lieutenant
24.10.1874 Königlich Sächsisches 2. Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 13 - Dresden
01.04.1881 Premier-Lieutenant
01.04.1887 Hauptmann
01.04.1887 Königlich Sächsisches 3. Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 15 - Chemnitz  (Coy Cdr)
19.04.1896 Major
19.04.1896 Diensttuender Flügeladjutant SM des Königs - Dresden  (FAD to King Albert of Saxony)  
26.03.1899 Königlich Sächsisches 1. (Leib-) Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100 - Dresden  (Bn Cdr)
23.03.1901 Oberstleutnant
23.03.1901 Königlich Sächsisches 1. Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 12 - Freiberg im Sachsen  (Cdr)
26.03.1903 Königlich Sächsisches 1. (Leib-) Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100 - Dresden  (Cdr)
19.05.1903 Oberst
27.07.1906 47. Infanterie-Brigade (3. Königlich Sächsische) - Döbeln  (provisional Cdr)
21.05.1907 47. Infanterie-Brigade (3. Königlich Sächsische) - Döbeln  (Cdr)
09.12.1907 Generalmajor
13.01.1911 convalescent leave
28.01.1911 Generalleutnant
20.03.1911 23. Infanterie-Division (1. Königlich Sächsische) - Dresden  (Cdr, replaced Egon von Gersdorff)
13.09.1912  zur Disposition gestellt
Great War  
05.08.1914 24. Reserve-Division (2. Königlich Sächsische)
20.03.1915 General der Infanterie  (Charakter)
31.03.1916 Offizier von der Armee  (due to illness)
28.08.1916 General der Infanterie
28.08.1916 XXVII. Reservekorps  (replaced Richard von Schubert)
15.06.1917 Offizier von der Armee  (severely wounded)
06.05.1918 à la suite: Königlich Sächsisches 1. (Leib-) Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100




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